2014 Pisces Horoscope


This year shall bring in goodness, strength and cheer in your life. An unusually good number of opportunities shall come your way. You would be able to venture into unknown territories till now un-invented. Your diverse thoughts coupled with major changes shall diversify your portfolio of interests. Let go off the past and face the present world with confidence and renewed vigor.
You would feel the urge to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Make no compromise when it comes to your personal life. Raise your voice against any sort of injustice around you. It is high time that you bring out the creative side of you out into the open. You need not bury your hidden inner talents and interests. Luck and fortune shall come from far off places. Do not hesitate to claim what is yours particularly during this part of the year.


This is a time when you stand to get due recognition for your hard work and commitment. Power and authority shall come naturally to you in the professional field. Take time in your hand and mould new ventures as it goes by. An extra effort should be put in to get the favor of higher-ups in your work place. Teamwork would be disappointing to a larger extent during this year. Peace and harmony need to be brought in by your sheer will power. A good organizational climb is promised for you in this year.


There would be new experiences and new experiments in your love life during 2014. Your love life would be much fascinating like never before. There would be opportunities to show your best to your loved one/ spouse. Sentiments rather than emotions shall come to the fore in this time period. When difference of opinions arise be calm and let things go down the drain as it came. Those singles out there shall meet the love of their love around the first quarter of the year. If already in a relationship then this is the time to make your partner understand yourself without imposing strict conditions.


There would be a lack of drive in your financial filed during this year 2014. But your materialistic part would be doubly blessed. There would not be much avenues to increase your financial net-worth this year. If you are interested in buying a house, landed property or a luxury car there would be some initial impediments. Good chances come your way around the middle part of the year. Some income through property deals are likely for now. Your creative pursuits shall also bring a good amount of revenue. Double-check your financial plans before venturing into a new territory.


A generally positive period of health awaits you in the year 2014. Be careful with your physical and mental moves as there would be phases of indisposition. You need to take a break from the rigors of life by resorting to some sort of therapies. Go in for artistic inclinations to rejuvenate your spirits. Do not be too strict with your diet during this period. Too much austerity would only dampen your health. Take some excesses as well. Exercising and much liquid diet are recommended for Pisceans for this year for all round health and prosperity.

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