2014 Scorpio Horoscope


Year 2014 shall bring in new surprises for all Scorpios out there. A generally encouraging period that shall bring out the best in you all . You need to be aware of the changes happening around you to move forward in life. Some sort of relocation is also on the cards if you are willing to take.
Challenging tasks shall come from nowhere, you need to handle them with audacity avoiding complacency and procrastination of all sorts. Give priority to your ambitions and ideals in life.You would be able to find answers to some of your unanswered questions that had been haunting you for quite some time now. There would be perfect harmony in your life and peace shall prevail. Make it a point to present your hopes and ideals when meeting higher-ups in society. Now is the time to toil towards a better future. Do not let past memories and losses dampen your spirits.


This is a year when new projects started years ago shall see the light of the day. Put in your efforts and commitment to let your ambitions take new wings. Better communication would be the keyword in the area of career for this time of your life. Walk the extra mile to tap that extra silver lining in your work place. Some career changes call for major changes in your routine. Financial performance shall better as the year moves on.


Your love life during the course of year 2014 shall become more intense and sentimental. The first half of the year would be very eventful in this area for the natives. Look at the clear picture of life and let not pleasures and emotions cloud your relationship. Much excitement is in store in conjugal life for those already settled in marriage. Passion without any sort of reason would be blinding in the long run. Hence beware of infatuations in relationships during this year. Do not let contentions between you and your partner. An intense period is predicted for the year-end.


This year shall present a good financial period thanks to your determination and the guts to attain the same. You would be able to pose a responsible position in the area of finances now. If steeped in financial troubles now is the time to sort issues out. Be prepared to negotiate any financial deals that you venture into now. The first half of the year shall sail smoothly but the later half might pose serious financial hardships. Be prepared to stem the tide before you land in murky waters.


Your general health would be at its best during this year. Your abilities and performances shall be enhanced for now and there would be much physical and mental stamina in you. However some nervous troubles are likely to crop up around the middle part of the year. There would be periods of depression during the course. Do take time to relax and improve your spirits. Keep a tab of your diet and don't forget your supplements if you have to take any. Some medical expenditure related to family members is also on the cards.

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