This year of 2015 would be more favorable for Meena Rasi natives, despite the bad effects of Sani lingering around. You would be able to stretch your wings far and wide and take a new leap in life. Your general performance would be increased and this would help you to overcome obstacles as they come your way.

Your social life would be highlighted for this year. Be bold to take actions whenever necessary in your personal and professional life. Do not procrastinate things. At times impatience and imprudence might take a huge toll in your life. Hence be cautious of your moves. Anticipate the consequences of whatever actions you did in the past. Work with all your might to achieve the goals that you had set for this period.


For this year, your love life would be of great importance. Your existing relationships shall enter a new phase. Guru and Sun together would help you to reaffirm your standing in this area. There would be better clarity in your relationships if you talk your mind out. For the single ones out there, an existing friendly relationship might turn into a love affair. In general a subtle and sensuous period is forecast for all Meena Rasi natives in the love area. Take the time to enjoy as much as possible with the relationships you have in hand.


This year your career life would be more of a routine job with no major hassles en-route. Make full utility of your skills and creative powers in this period. Teamwork would suit you well, hence be prepared to do everything for your team. Around the middle of the year, your performance level would be at its peak. Hence you would be able to complete unfinished things on your agenda. Prove yourself to your authorities and garner information from your peers. This is a good time to hone your skills and learn a new trade. Guru would help you to achieve this.


During this year you stand to take important decisions pertaining to your financial future. There would be scope to increase your income flow for this period. Luck and fortune are also on the cards. The planets might tempt you to go on a shopping spree. Suppress this feeling and be firm with your financial decisions. Stick to purchasing of your essentials only for this year period. Restraining your financials would help you to see a better financial standing at the end of the year. Curbing your spending would help to improve your confidence level in this area.


Meena Rasi natives would be blessed with good health and cheer all through the year of 2015. Your general well-being would be enhanced. However be prepared to challenge occasional fatigues and minor health issues. Take good rest, take some time off from work and try to hit the gym whenever time permits. This would help to rejuvenate your physical and mental self. Some spiritual pursuit is needed to satisfy your inner hunger. In general a period of goodness and well-being is forecast for you.

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