Dhanus Rasi natives would be able to plan and execute the ideas that have been hitherto put in the cold storage. Though the year promises much activity, some smoothness or steady flow in your tasks might be expected. Guru and Sani would help you to go for some social or charity works. In this period you would concentrate more on others than on your own self.

This would instill a sense of goodness and self-confidence in you. There would be more luck and fortune like never before in this year for Dhanus Rasi natives. Make sure that you plan well ahead before you venture into unknown territory. Do not let pessimism take over you now.


In this year your attractiveness and captive power would be great that you would be able to hold on to the love of your life like never before. Follow your impulses and be practical in your emotional and romantic moves. Saturn or Sani would help you when it comes to hitches in your relationships. Try to appreciate the good in your partner and this would bring some goodness in your relationship. Be tolerant to your partner and when needed be responsive as well. This would go a long way in mending fences in relationships. Spend ample time with your love. Some major moves would be initiated in this front around the end of the year.


In this year 2015, Dhanus Rasi natives would be full of energy in the career front. Those in business shall prosper well in this time. Your creative instincts would come to the fore and if you are pursuing some art-related career then this would be a rewarding period for you. The first half of the year shall see new commitments, team-works and contracts. Your efforts from the previous year shall start yielding fruits now. Rely solely on yourself and your talents and let not others interfere in your career growth for now.


In this year, Dhanus Rasi natives would have realistic and reliable finances throughout. However some periods of insecurity is also predicted. Make your way out of this chaos and endeavor towards stability with your finances. Stay away from too much materialism and start investing in long term instruments. Double check your financial moves and stay within your budget prescribed. Do not give in to temptation of any sort. Lending of finances is not advised for this period, even for family and friends. The position of Guru would bless those in business abundantly.


For the year 2015, Dhanus Rasi natives shall be staying in the pink of their health. Take time to relax, rejuvenate and re-charge your batteries. Groom your mental health properly so that a sense of optimism surrounds you. But do not over-estimate your health and venture into unwanted diets and habits. Some muscular issues are likely, hence do not overstrain yourself much in this year. Stick to the resolutions you made last year. Only this would be the key to your survival and good health for the year.

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