The year 2015 would be very dynamic for Mesha Rasi natives. This is a time when new ideas creep in and help you to realize your long lost goals. You would be able to advance further in life like never before. There would be no major delays and hindrances for your aspirations. There would be a sense of optimism surrounding you and you would be able to scale new

heights. Try to remove obstacles that come your way one at a time. You would lose your energy if you take them head-on...


Your love life would reach the crescendo during this year 2015. You would get opportunities to open your heart and soul to your partner. The effect of Sani and Guru shall help you get new insights in this area. Till now you have not been intense but this year shall help you to gain momentum in your love life. Make sure that you take on the relationship issues smoothly. Be bold enough and indulge with your partner on getaways and dinners. This is a period for major emotional imbalances in your life as well. A good time to relieve of the stress caused in your relationships.


Things would move swifter in your professional field for this year. Guru and Sani would help you to stabilize your position. But the planetary positions for Mesha Rasi natives calls for much commitment and efforts for better results. Be quick to plant good ideas in the minds of your authorities. Guru would help you in your practical moves for the year. If working in a group you would find that team-mates are not that responsive. Try to convince them. This is the best time to get more involved with your professional life, especially when it comes to teamwork.


The planets are positioned in such a manner for this year, that the financial standing of all the Mesha Rasi natives would be excellent all through the year. There would not be any major financial troubles that you would find it an excellent time to go in for long term investments. Venus and Sani shall guide you to make some family-related financial commitments. There would be a good positive flow of finances that your generosity and indulgence need to be kept under check.


During this year, Mesha Rasi natives shall command good health and intense energy levels thanks to the good placement of Mars, their ruler. This is the time when you need to stick to your health regimen without backing out. You would be resistant to all forms of infections and sicknesses that there is no major reason for concern. However be prepared for some fatigue for the fist half of the year. During the second half you would bounce back with renewed vigor.

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