This year 2015 would guide all Rishabha Rasi natives to utilize their full potential in life. You would be able to use your best talents and qualities like never before. There would be better openings to express the virtues of patience, gentleness combined with your extremism in this time period. You would be able to maintain a diplomatic position as well in personal and professional life.

Luck and fortune are on the cards and the year is in your hands. All your efforts would yield good fruits throughout the year.


For the year 2015, existing relationships shall grow deeper for Rishabha Rasi natives. This is a time to hang around with your love in your home-front. Let not ego and self-esteem spoil your current relationships. There would be an intense emotional outburst at times, be sure that you contain this without over-exposing yourself. Be ready to talk your mind thus avoiding unwanted deadlocks in the relationships. Understand the difference between reality and dream for a more better relationship with partner. There should be both giving and receiving for your love to survive the turmoil of life. Do not let external forces act in your love life.


Rishabha Rasi natives shall find their growth slow but steady in this year 2015 in terms of career. Perseverance pays if you had not got that much needed fillip in your professional life of late. Your goals would be more nearer now in this year. The position of Guru would play a major role in team-work. You would be the main back bone of your professional team. The year does not have time for any personal commitments. Some changes are probable in your career path but the transition would be smooth and steady.


There would be less inflow of money for Rishabha Rasi natives for this year. Hence avoid over-spending else you would be burning your fingers. You need to resist certain expenditure so that you keep your budget under control. Do garner some finances for long term investments. Before any major financial indulgence think wisely and act. Read the finer print to avoid major financial mistakes in life. Your family and friends would be there for you when your finances go haywire.


For this year you shall have ample energy to keep you going through your personal and professional aspirations. There would be occasional periods of low when fatigue might set in. Overcome this passive energy by your sheer will -power and determination that keep you going through the year. Your health would be more variable in this year. Not much energy would be needed for this time period. The first quarter of the year shall bring in some stress and strain. Maintain a strict diet regimen. Mars might cause some infections but with no major complications.

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