The year 2015 would bring in much opportunities for all Simha Rasi natives. The position of Guru shall help you to consolidate your professional and personal life for the better. There would be a good bloom of new ideas and solutions come in without much effort and toil. Sani or Saturn would help you to remain stable and steady in your forward

journey. In general the planetary positions would guide you best in all your endeavors clubbed with your intuition.


The year 2015 would help you to better express yourself to your partner. There would be much optimism surrounding your relationships this year. You would find better stability with your love and relationships would be managed with ease. Emotions and feelings however need to be kept under constant check. Single ones under Simha Rasi would be able to meet the person of his/her liking. Sensuous and amorous moves are in store for the end of the year.


You would encounter much challenges and problems in your career field for this year. The position of Guru or Jupiter would initiate much action on your part for this period. Better results can be expected for this year in your professional field. Your optimistic outlook shall take you to hitherto unexplored territory. The year in general calls for much input and hard work clubbed with commitment on your side. The last quarter of the year shall be much favorable for your career to enter a new phase.


During this year, Simha Rasi natives would find it very difficult to save. Your weakness towards spending would be great that there won't be much left to save at the end of the day. But do not be carried away, do not heed to other's advises, instead stick to your resolute to have a stable financial standing. Do allocate some finances for long term investments as this would come in handy in future. You are advised to shy away from trivial financial deals that might land you in troubled waters.


This year 2015 shall bless you with general health and stamina. But your mental energy would be put to some test. An optimistic approach shall help you to stem the tide of a drain of your internal energy. However be aware of your physical limitations. Do not stretch yourself when it comes to a physical regimen. This is an apt time to start a new diet plan. Focus on positive energy around you and this would see you in the pink of health.

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