There would be some major changes in your lifestyle all you Mithuna Rasi natives out there. Your ideas would be converted into tangible results for this year. You stand to get opportunities to make challenges and beat the same. Also a good time to lay low and assess your standing in life. An apt period for introspection from all quarters. There would be much time to enjoy life for now.

However the end of the year shall see some troubles in your life. Then there would be some changes in your personal life, like a change of residence or partner.


This year your love life shall bring forth good fruits. The position of Sani shall help to consolidate your relationship if you are trying to settle down. Your love nature would be more powerful than before and you would be loaded with much romantic energy. Make use of this time to boost your confidence level when it comes to relationships. An optimistic period follows in this field and you would be able to see your relationships in a new light. Find out innovative ways to spice up your love life. Much sensual energy shall show up around the end of the year.


The year 2015 promises good scope in the career front for Mithuna Rasi natives. The position of Guru and Sani shall help you to devise new strategies for growth and development in your professional field. However there would be some strains in the relationship with authorities and peers in the work place. The tension that builds up might cause some discontent with your career. But you need to bring your creativity to the fore, hence you need to oversee these things. The end of the year shall bring some good tidings in your career field.


Your attitude towards finances would change in this year 2015. Be cautious when spending, as an impulsive approach would land you in troubled waters. Unwanted expenditure is also on the cards brining in more trouble. You need to limit your spending and start saving for the rainy days ahead. Secure your financial future by going in for long term investment plans. However around the end of the year, your financial standing shall improve for the better.


During the first quarter of the year 2015, your health would meet certain ups and downs. You would be mentally and physically active for most part of the year. However conserve your internal energy and do not overspend the same. Enjoy life as it comes your way and do not take trivial things to your heart. The planets Saturn, Venus and Mars shall bless you with good health and cheer. Do not get too emotional in personal matters as it might take a heavy toll on your general health.

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