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We at www.findyourfate.com are pleased to present you the 2015 Annual Indian horoscope which is based on the Indian system of Astrology also called as Vedic astrology. The predictions are given for all the 12 Rasis or Moon signs and they help you to retune your fate in accordance with the planetary alignments in the sky.The planetary transits and vedic principles have been taken into consideration for the horoscope predictions. Though the horoscopes is meant for the 12 Moon signs they hold good for the 12 Ascendants or the Rising signs as well. This Indian horoscope is done for all the important aspects of your life like career, relationship, finance and health and is done by experts in the field.

Mesha 2015


The year 2015 would be very dynamic for Mesha Rasi natives. This is a time when new ideas creep in and help you to realize your long lost goals. You would be able to advance further in life like nevermore...

Rishabha 2015


This year 2015 would guide all Rishabha Rasi natives to utilize their full potential in life. You would be able to use your best talents and qualities like never before. There would be better openingsmore...

Mithuna 2015


There would be some major changes in your lifestyle all you Mithuna Rasi natives out there. Your ideas would be converted into tangible results for this year. You stand to get opportunities to makemore...

Kataka 2015


This year 2015 promises you with much energy in all frontiers of your life. There would be clarity in your thoughts and your ideals look promising for the long run. Make amends if things go out ofmore...

Simha 2015


The year 2015 would bring in much opportunities for all Simha Rasi natives. The position of Guru shall help you to consolidate your professional and personal life for the better. There would bemore...

Kanni 2015


During this year, Kanya Rasi natives would find a calm and soothing environment around them. There would not be much changes in your life. You need to continue with your efforts in all frontiersmore...

Tula 2015


In this year your life would be full of peace, balance and a compromised approach keeps you going. You would be able to accommodate the desires and petitions of those around you with ease.more...

vrischikha 2015


In this year 2015, you would be going through two major phases in life. One calls for a calm and peaceful home-bound life and the other one would be an aggressive you. There need to be a clearmore...

Dhanus 2015


Dhanus Rasi natives would be able to plan and execute the ideas that have been hitherto put in the cold storage. Though the year promises much activity, some smoothness or steady flow in your tasksmore...

Makara 2015


For the year 2015, the planetary positions would boost the course of actions in your life. There would be a great forward movement in your life with probable chances of spreading your wings farmore...

Kumbha 2015


In this year, your past-year projects enter into full stream. There would be much socializing in your life for this year. Major changes are probable in your life but you would not be in a good mood tomore...

Meena 2015


This year of 2015 would be more favorable for Meena Rasi natives, despite the bad effects of Sani lingering around. You would be able to stretch your wings far and wide and take a new leap in life.more...

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