In this year your life would be full of peace, balance and a compromised approach keeps you going. You would be able to accommodate the desires and petitions of those around you with ease. A certain amount of relaxation would be experienced by you when it comes to relations with others. You would be able to learn a lot about the

mentality of people and this help you to establish new links in your personal and professional life. Guru or Jupiter would help you to enhance your creativity and much of your hopes and desires shall start to grow now in this year.


In this year 2015, you would get still closer to your partner in life. You would be able to express yourself better to your love now. However emotions would rule the roost for this time. A good period to communicate your thoughts and opinions to your partner to bring about major changes in your romantic approach. The position of Guru with Sun shall help your to understand your partner better. Do not over -expose your possessive nature, instead be calm to seduce your partner and keep him/her just for yourself. There would be positive trends in this area around the end of the year.


In this year, Tula Rasi natives would experience some stability and steady growth in their work place. Be prepared to take important decisions that would change the course of your professional life in this time period. Your skills and hard work shall bring in better rapport with your employers or employees as the case may be. Obstacles come your way, but you need to take them head-on. Some troubles might be experienced with higher-ups around the end of the year. Major changes are forecast for this period as well as far as your career prospects are concerned.


For the year 2015, there would be many crests and troughs in your financial life. Certain unwanted expenses can be postponed for a later date. The planets would convince you to make major financial commitments for fun and pleasure. However major funds need to be side-lined or cornered for a future long term investment. Make sure that you stick to your budget come what may. No major losses are forecast for this period, however lay low in your financial deals. Friends and relatives would be a major source of support with your finances for the year.


In this year, Tula Rasi natives would turn out to be more emotional and this might affect your health adversely. Guru would help you to maintain good health though occasional minor health issues cannot be ruled out. Some muscular disorders are likely hence make sure that you stick to a healthy exercising regimen. Less physical activity and more food intake might see you rusted at the end of the year.

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