For the year 2015, the planetary positions would boost the course of actions in your life. There would be a great forward movement in your life with probable chances of spreading your wings far and wide. There would be ample opportunities to show your creativity and capability to the world. Your projects would take off well and

there would be goodness in general in the life of Makara Rasi natives for this year. Do not deceive yourself of the fun and frolic that life has to offer during this period. Also not hesitate to take in advise but be attentive towards your goal in life.


During this year there would be a sense of calmness and coolness in your love life. There would be less worries and anxieties in this area for now. A better approach or perspective to your love life follows. You would be able to see your partner in a different light. A diplomatic and tactful approach would help you to maintain relationships on as-is-where-is condition. Let the extrovert in you take the centre-stage for now. Express your feelings openly to your partner would be this key to a steadfast relationship. Single ones out there would be at last able to find the love of their life. There would be occasional moments of passion in store for you in the love front.


For this year, your career would be more rewarding like never before. The efforts you had put in for quite some time now, would be yielding fruits now. However a busy schedule awaits you for the year ahead. Put all your might to stabilize your position in the professional field. You would be bombarded with avenues for growth from all sides. Make full use of the same. An apt time to sign contracts, enter into agreements and the like. Major career changes are to be expected around the middle of the year for all Makara Rasi natives in the year 2015.


Guru or Jupiter would help you to sustain your financial standing for the year, though some setbacks are predicted for the middle period of the year. There would be good inflow of funds from several quarters. Try to improve your finances by cutting costs and expenditure. Stick to your budget come what may. Do not be driven away by occasional financial setbacks. Fight with your might to come out of the financial ensnare you are in. Take help from those around you when the time asks for in this area of your life.


In this year, if you want a healthy you, stick to a healthier diet and exercise regimen. Some trouble is expected in the digestive side and hence stay away from rich food. Keep off from bad habits and give in much physical and mental activity for your body and soul. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and be on your toes as long as possible. This would help you to stay in the pink of your health for most part of the year. Test your endurance level by adopting any sport of your interest.

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