2015 Pisces Planetary Influences


For the year 2015, Pisces born natives would see their optimism level increased by Jupiter supported by the planet Uranus. The trine relation (120 deg) between the planets Jupiter and Saturn would help you to gain some stability in your professional front. Jupiter is posited in such a way that you would able to move more towards the practical side.
Both Jupiter and Saturn in trine aspect to the house of Pisces would bring in new trends in your love relationships.

Pluto which is in square aspect to your sign shall cement your desires in life and there would be a new feel of momentum in your life. Saturn and Venus in good aspects for you during the year would make you more generous towards your loved ones in the financial aspect. Uranus transiting your house would bring about a new spiritual vigor for the natives. Your ruling planet Mars would help alleviate all fears and pains, and road blocks till now you encountered in life.