2016 Cancer Horoscope


In this year 2016, you Crabs need to come out of your shells and reassert your position in life. It might be a rude shock for those around you but you are not one to yield to the wishes and fantasies of others. Let worries and anxieties take a back seat in your life. March on with renewed confidence, vigor and energy in this time period.
The middle period of the year might bring in some back lashes but do not stick your head into the sand. The year holds many nice opportunities for you to flourish in life. Avoid day-dreaming and start working to bring your intuitions in the mainstream.


For this year, Cancer natives would find the going tough in the career field if they are going to do it alone. However teamwork and co-operative ventures would fare well. Creativity would be your forte and hence come out with your original ideas to shine in the work place. There would be occasional hindrances by way of peers and authorities, just brush aside and keep going. Time would be your major resource for this year, so closely guard your timings and plans. The planets are well placed for you to excel in your professional field despite odds and hitches en-route. Do not let your individuality be lost in the medley of your professional feuds.


The year 2016 promises positive trends in your love life. You would be able to mend fences that have been broken for the past period. You are in for some emotional outbursts for this period, however maintain your cool for now. There would be certain disappointments aboard, but those would be circumstances for you to change yourself a lot. There would be more openness and closeness with your partner like never before in this year. The middle of the year holds good trends in the area of love. The end of the year shall see you in a harmonious relationship despite the turbulent weather for the past few months. Frequent misunderstandings might arise but be the first one to sort things out. New relationships and new encounters would be in for you all through the year.


For the year 2016, the financial wind would be blowing favorably for you that there would be some good inflow of finances. Hence your outlook would be optimistic, however do not forget to rephrase or re-change your budgetary plans for the year. Learn to curb your expenses and go in for high-value investments and speculative deals. There would be some financial demands from your near ones, make a wise decision here. Do no entangle yourself in this web so much. At times you need to make decisions as whether to spend or save. Those in business ventures would see good profits and those in the services side would see a hike in their wages too. Some major financial pushes are likely around the end of the year.


For the year 2016, all Cancer individuals would be loaded with much energy that there would be no lacking of the same. But make sure that you channel this in the proper direction. Store some for emergencies and then expend in pleasure activities. The middle of the year has in store some stressful situation for you from which the turnaround would be pretty difficult. Curb any impulsive actions. Some nervous breakdowns and worries and anxieties might bother your spirits. Go in for short trips to the beaches or mountainous areas for solace. Be sure to take regular time offs to refocus your energy in the right direction.


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