2016 Cancer Planetary Influences


Your general health would remain good as Jupiter would be well-placed in the virgin sign of Virgo all through the year of 2016. Throughout 2016, Jupiter would be in your sign of marriage and partnership that this year would look bright in your relationship front. From May to the middle of September 2016, Jupiter will be retrograde. Be cautious of this period,

try to understand your partner in a new light and be diplomatic in your emotional moves. In September 2016, Mercury would be transiting your house of family. At the end of January 2016, Mars and Venus will be in Cancer's Seventh House. Therefore, everything would be all right in your marriage or love front. If you are not married, January 2016 will help you strengthen your relationship and get into marriage.

In March 2016, Venus would be transiting Cancer's 11th house and you would be able to make new friends in life brining joy and happiness. Around November-December 2016 when Jupiter is in your 7th house major changes are likely in your marital or love life.