For the year 2016, Saturn would be placed in the 11th house of gains for Makara Rasi natives. Rahu would be posited in the 8th house and Ketu in the 2nd house. Jupiter or Guru would be in the 8th house which is an evil one for the first half of the year. For the second half it transits to your 9th house of prosperity which would be favorable.

These planetary positions and transits would affect your life in many ways. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


For Makara Rasi natives, family life would be a mixed bag in 2016. As Rahu aspects your 2nd house of family, you need to be cautious in your domestic life. Also Jupiter posited in the 8th house is also not a good factor to reckon with. It would also bring about adverse conditions in the home-front. Stay away from unwanted conversations, avoid misunderstandings and let controversies out of your way. After the middle of the year there would be auspicious events at home. You need to help your family to help ride the high tides of the year ahead.


The year 2016 would be favorable for students among Makara Rasi natives. But then the first half of the year might pose some problems in their pursuits. Only hard work and commitment would pay rich dividends in this field. Those aspiring for higher studies, research and overseas courses would find the environment favorable for them. The second half of the year would give good results. Natives would get the goodwill and favor of their teachers or elders in the field for the year ahead.


For Makara Rasi natives, career would not be that favorable in the year 2016 as Jupiter or Guru would be placed in your 8th house. You need to put in much hard work and effort to achieve even the smallest of tasks. But then Rahu in the 8th house would be able to help you a little in your professional aspirations. Be judgmental of your opinions when you handle tasks with authorities and peers in the work place. The second half of the year would be beneficial for starting new ventures for those into business. Also those into services can lookout for a relocation or change of line for the year.


The year 2016 would not be beneficial from the financial view point for Makara Rasi natives. This is because Jupiter or Guru the ruler of finances is placed in the 8th house which is an evil one. Income flow would be hindered, there would be unwanted expenditure, losses and loans might bother you. But then from the middle of the year things shall brighten up your financial arena due to the transit of Jupiter to your 9th house of prosperity. Be careful with your financial moves and avoid overindulgence with your finances. Careful planning and a thrifty approach would go a long way in improving your financial standing for the year ahead.


The first half of the year would bring in health ailments for Makara Rasi natives. This is because your ruler Saturn or Sani is placed in the 11th house. You are advised to take care of your health. Also energy levels would fall rapidly brining in a sense of stress and strain in your life. Some natives might suffer from stomach ailments and some from accidents in travel. Natives are advised to be very cautious as far as their general health and well-being is concerned for the year ahead. Diet needs to be handled with care. But then the second part of the year would be far better than the first part. Abstain from long distance travels and bad eating habits for thus season.


Makara Rasi natives would feel the heat in the love front for the year 2016. There would not be much goodness in this area. Those into marriage or relationship might see frequent rifts and misunderstandings with partner, thus bringing about temporary separation from them. But then patience and a cool demeanor would see you through the trials in this area. However after the middle part of the year there would be betterment in your relationships. You would feel an intense passion and romance in your love life. Those waiting for marriage would settle down and the single ones would be finally able to get the love of their life.

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