For Rishabha Rasi natives, Saturn would be in the 7th house of the natal chart for the year 2016. The house of your moon sign, namely Taurus would be occupied by the Moon's nodes namely Rahu and Ketu. Jupiter would be in your 4th house of family for the first half of the year and then in your 5th house for the second half of 2016. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


Year 2016 would be much favorable for Rishabha Rasi natives in the family domain. There would be peace and tranquility at home and you would get ample time to spend with family members for the year. Domestic happiness and welfare is assured though occasional minor relationship issues might surface. Stay away from egoistic approach at home. Children and elders would need your shoulders for the year ahead. Go on and notify them that you are there for them in times of need. Some adverse conditions likely at home during the end of the year. Be calm and handle things with caution, that too shall pass away.


Education and studies would be much favorable for Rishabha Rasi natives during 2016. However you are advised to work hard with grit determination to get to the top among your peers. Maintain cordial relationship with elders and tutors. Do not let your mind stray. Concentrate on your studies and let your work do the talking. Those aspiring for foreign studies would find the period suitable for the same. Most of you would find the educational clime most favorable all through the year of 2016.


Rishabha Rasi natives would be blessed with good scope in their career field for the year 2016. There would be much profits in business and promotions and pay hike for those in services. There would be good rapport with authorities and peers in your work place. Much income flow is assured for this year's period. Your work environment would also change for the better. However occasional work-related issues might crop in which might dampen your spirits. Commitment would do wonders in this area for the year ahead.


There would be a steady stream of financial inflow for the year 2016 for the natives. New sources of income shall come for you. However there might be unwanted expenditure around the middle part of the year related to medical treatments for native and family members. However do not lose your hope. Different sources of income shall come in from all quarters plugging your leaks. Save some for the rainy days as well. Generally a profitable year looms large for the natives in 2016.


Your health would be generally good all through the year. However Rahu placed in your 6th house of health might bring in occasional sources of health discomforts. The grace of God and the good deeds of yours shall see you sail through smoothly through trials and issues in life. Be prompt to take in medical help when the need arises and do not procrastinate over health issues. Go in for some meditation and other spiritual pursuits that would give you the much needed solace in life. Beware of accidents during travel too. Rest and rejuvenation are a must for this period for all the Rishabha Rasi natives.


Love related matters might get a beating for the year 2016 for Rishabha Rasi natives. The first half of the year would bring in rifts of sorts in this area. Saturn might bring in untold sufferings and problems in your relationships. However the second half of the year holds good tidings for you. Long lost love and long time friends shall come into your life brining joy and happiness. Aspiring ones might tie the knot or get into a committed relationship for the period.

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