For the year 2016, Saturn or Sani would be in your 8th house and Rahu would be in the 5 th house of your natal chart. Ketu would be posited in your 11th house and Jupiter would be in your 5th house. Around the middle part of the year Jupiter would transit to your 6th house. These planetary positions and transits for the year would affect your life in general. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


This is a very favorable year for your family life. You would see favorable trends in the family environment for the period and there would be peace, harmony and happiness at home. Auspicious events are likely to happen at home in the year 2016. Pilgrimage and holy dips are probable for the native and family members. However the transit of Jupiter during the second half of the year to the evil 6th house might bring in some troubles and related unhappiness at home. There might be temporary separation from family members as well. Elders and younger ones in the family need your total support and care for the whole of 2016.


Mesha native students would see a favorable climate for their studies and higher education in the year 2016. You would get the good connections of elders and learned people in life. Your hard work and commitment shall see you through successful in studies for the first half of the year. The second half of the year shall see some hindrances for your routine studies, due to the movement of Jupiter to the 6th house, however you would fare well in competitive exams. Ketu in the 11th house of the natal chart would bring in all sorts of distractions and hindrances for your studies. But total commitment shall see you successful at the end of the year.


Year 2016 would be favorable as for as career is concerned for Mesha Rasi natives. The first half of the year would bring in success in your services and business. You would be able to gain name and fame in your professional life. Finances shall look up. Business ventures would seem much profitable for those into it. Those in services have a chance for relocation is if that is in mind. For the rest there is trouble just round the corner. You would meet with impediments while projects hang in mid-air. Challenges and obstacles would be your constant companion for the second half of the year. However hard work and determination shall reward you well at the end of the year.


Finances look seemingly good for most part of the year 2016 for Mesha Rasi natives. There would be better income flow than the previous years and you would be able set aside some for savings as well. Those into speculation shall see luck and fortune by their side. You would be able to get rid of old debts and loans. If you are into real estate and travel careers then you would see good returns for the year. For the rest though income would flow be considerable, not much accumulation of wealth is seen.


The position of Rahu and Ketu for Mesha Rasi natives indicates that there would be occasional health concerns which need to be handled with caution and care. But then Jupiter in the 5th house would bring in good health and cheer. However when Jupiter transits to your 6th house during the second half of the year 2016 you are to expect some health issues. Worries and anxieties shall bother you. Accidents probable in travel. A good diet and proper exercising shall get you back on track.


The love life of Mesha Rasi natives would be much favorable in this year. Jupiter posited in the 5th house of love would make it a good time to settle down in a favorable relationship or marriage. For those who are awaiting marriage, this would be the apt time for tying the knot. Rahu in the 5th house shall bring betterment in the life of those already in a committed relationship. However make sure that you do not bring entanglement between your personal and professional life for now.

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