In 2016, for Vrischikha Rasi natives, Jupiter or Guru would be placed in the 10th house of profession for the first 6 months. Then it moves to your 11th house of gains. Saturn or Sani would be posited in the first house. Ketu would be in the 4th house and Rahu in the 10th house. These planetary positions would affect the life of the Vrischikha Rasi natives by a considerable amount.

Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


For the year 2016, Vrischikha Rasi natives would see mixed results in their domestic front. During the first half of the year, Jupiter and Saturn together might causes some problems that are difficult to handle at home. There would be issues related to finances that would hinder goodness in relationships. Also the second part of the year would not be equally favorable in the home front. But you are advised to ignore trifle issues and concentrate on the well-being of the family members. Do not lose your spirits sorting out issues in this area all through the year.


Education and studies would be much favorable for Vrischikha Rasi natives during 2016. However you are advised to work hard with grit determination to get to the top among your peers. Maintain cordial relationship with elders and tutors. Do not let your mind stray. Concentrate on your studies and let your work do the talking. Those aspiring for foreign studies would find the period suitable for the same. Most of you would find the educational clime most favorable all through the year of 2016.


As Jupiter would be placed in the 10th house of profession during the first part of the year 2016 for Vrischikha Rasi natives there would be goodness in the professional field. But then occasional hiccups and hindrances cannot be ruled out. Those in the fields of Finances and Consultation would be able to perform well when compared to their peers. Partnership deals would also work out good for the natives. But then abstain from speculative deals and making high-value investments for the year. Take small bold steps one by one and keep going.


In the year 2016 Jupiter would be aspecting your 2nd house of finances during the first half of the year. this assures you good financial inflow for the first 6 months of the year. Also Sani posited in the first house makes sure that you are loaded with financial resources for the year. There would be some luck and fortune coming from unexpected quarters. Overall your financial status improves in society, but you are advised to have a thrifty approach towards life. Save wisely and stay away from investments in real estate and the like for this period.


For the year 2016, health of Vrischikha Rasi natives would suffer as they would be surrounded by malefics on either side of their rasi house. There would be untold worries and anxieties bothering your spirits. You are to avoid imprudence and take good care of your health. Do not postpone periodic health checkups and other related treatments. Some chronic ailments and mental issues might surface during the course of the year. But then the first half of the year looks better than the second half of the year due to the placement of Jupiter in the 10th house.


The love area of Vrischikha Rasi natives looks favorable and good all through the year of 2016. Due to the good placement of Jupiter your love relationship shall prosper with much romance and emotions involved. But then Saturn or Sani placed in the first house might bring in some rifts and misunderstandings with partner occasionally. Stick to relationships come what may during these turbulent times. Around the second half of the year things would brighten up in your love area. Favorable times do exist for the natives to get engaged or tie the knot.

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