For Kanya Rasi natives, Jupiter would be posited in the 12th house for the first half of the year. Around the middle of the year it moves onto your first house. Saturn or Sani would be in your 3rd house, Rahu would be in the 12th house and Ketu would be posited in the 6th house all through the year for the natives.

These planetary positions would considerably affect the life of the Kanya Rasi natives. Different aspects of their life would get a different pathway to proceed. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


For Virgo Rasi natives, year 2016 does not seem rosy as far as family and domestic life is concerned. Thee would be worries and anxieties in all quarters due to the presence of Saturn or Sani in the 3rd house. Also there would be rifts with family members, friends and relatives due to the position of Rahu in the 12th house. But then you are advised to lay low and do not react to circumstances impulsively. Let your calm demeanor do the talking. However Jupiter transiting to your first house around the middle of the year shall improve situations in the home fornt for your betterment.


Kanya Rasi natives would meet with mixed responses in their academic pursuits for the year 2016. The first half of the year would be much favorable for higher studies and overseas academic pursuits for those aspiring for the same. But then Saturn or Sani placed in the 3rd house calls for much commitment and hard work on the part of the natives all through the year. From the middle part of the year to year-end, trends would change for your better. Your sense of confidence increases and you would be able to come out with successful scores in your exams or competitions.


Jupiter placed in the evil house of 12th fro the first half of the years would be a major hindrances for your career-related aspirations. There would be troubles and delays for your professional ventures. Your plans go haywire. There would be stagnation and promotions and pay hike would elude you. There would be stiff competition from enemies in the work front. Travel plans also meet with impediments. However Jupiter transiting to the first house around the middle of the year, shall bring in good fortune for the rest of the year in your career area.


For Kanya or Virgo natives, finances would be a way off the track for the year 2016. As Rahu would be placed in the 12th house of expenditure there would be unwanted expenses from all quarters dwindling your reserves. You need to be cautious and concentrate more on saving for the future during this year. Though things might look up in your financial front during the second half of the year due to the transit of Jupiter, you need to handle your financial moves with concern. Avoid an extravagant lifestyle for the year.


Also Virgo natives would suffer from health issues all through the year. Hence the natives are advised to stick to a strong health regimen avoiding bad habits and lifestyle changes are to be implemented to come out unscathed during this yearly turmoil. Both mental and physical health need to be taken care with priority. It is best to avoid unwanted travels, curbing your food intake and controlling your emotions. Your temperament needs to be kept under check so that health remain satisfactory all through the year.


For the year 2016, your love life would be much favorable . There would be better compatibility with partner in love or in marriage. However Jupiter posited in the 12th house points to some rifts or separation from partner during the first half of the year. But then the rest of the year would bring in glad tidings in the love front. That would be an excellent period for engagements and marriage. Love and romance shall also bloom among the single natives of Kanya Rasi.

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