2016 Virgo Planetary Influences


The first half of the year 2016 should change the situation for the single Virgos out there. Jupiter would bring in a favorable clime for you to meet and attract new people in life. However Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius all through the year might put a brake in this area occasionally. Saturn's position for Virgo natives is also not conducive as demotions, loss of pay, etc are on the cards.

Jupiter might favor a change or relocation but still you have to wait long for the results. Saturn would put you through a highly stressful period where you get exhausted and totally drained for the year.

Starting November 2016 you should be very careful for four months. Saturn moving to Scorpio will be significant for your next few year's future. During the first half of March 2016, Venus would be transiting your 9th house. This would make you more creative, pleasure trips would be favorable. Also this would be a good time to consolidate your relationships. In June and July 2016, Mars' transit in Virgo's Ninth House will make you want to escape from the routine life and have some adventure in life.