For the year 2016, Meena Rasi natives would encounter Sani or Saturn planet in their 11th house of gains for the whole year. Rahu would be in the 6th house and its counter-part Ketu would be in the 12th house for the year. Jupiter or Guru would be posited in the 6th house for the first half of the year and later on transits to the 7th house around the middle of year 2016.

These planetary positions do have a major impact on the lives of the Meena Rasi natives. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


Meena Rasi natives would find a mixed bag of emotions in their family life for the year 2016. As Jupiter is placed in the evil house of 6th it would bring in some loss of domestic welfare and happiness. Worries and anxieties would bother your spirits. But after the middle of the year when Guru transits to the auspicious house of 7th, there would be many happy events at home like a marriage and the like. You would earn the goodwill of your family members in this period. There would be cordial relations with all and peace would prevail at the home-front. You would also get the support and love of your family members for the year.


For the year 2016, Meena Rasi students would find a favorable environment in their field of studies. Many would be able to succeed in competitive and regular exams. But then the natives are advised to work hard with grit and determination to achieve betterment in their endeavors. The second part of the year would help you to make further advancement in your field of study. This part of the year would also be the ideal time for pursuing higher education or overseas studies. In general students under Meena Rasi would be able to do wonders in their field of the study for the year ahead.


Meena Rasi natives might feel the heat in their professional field for the first half of the year 2016 as Jupiter is placed in the evil house of 6th. Much effort and hard work would bring in the least amount of rewards in your life. There would delays and hindrances of all sorts for your professional aspirations. But then around the middle of the year things would turn favorable for the natives. It would be the best time to start new ventures. Business people would be able to reap good fruits of the season. However the natives are advised not to put their hands into too many works.


For the year 2016, the financials of Meena Rasi natives would be generally good and favorable. If you put in the required efforts then there would be no dearth of money scarcity in your life. But then savings and investments might get a beating as Rahu in the 12th house might bring in unwanted expenditure from all quarters. Though income flow would be steady you cannot expect a windfall for the year. Stay away from speculative deals and high-value purchases for the year.


Meena Rasi natives would not have good health for the year 2016. There would be much stress and strain in your life that your energy levels fall rapidly. Also stomach and digestive disorders are likely for the natives. Be cautious of what you eat, diet needs to be under proper check and control. Career or education might snuff the energy out of you for this period. Much work load and unwanted travels also play their role in affecting your general health. But then from the middle of the year, things would turn in your favor. You might get opportunities to improve your health on a positive note.


The first half of the year would not be good for Meena Rasi natives in the field of love and relationships. You are advised to be very cautious. Be alert as to not spoil the mood of your partner. Any unconcerned move on your part would deter your relationship. Beware. However the second part of the year would bring in glad tiding in the area. You would be able to spend enough time with the love of your life. Those seeking marriage would settle down. This is a wonderful period for the natives to relish their long found love of their life.

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