In the year 2016, for Simha Rasi natives, Jupiter would be in the first house for the first half of the year and then transits to your 2nd house. During 2016, Saturn would be in the 4th house, Rahu in the first house and Ketu in the 7th house for the natives. These planetary positions would have impacts on the various life aspects of the natives during the course of the year. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


Simha Rasi natives would see auspicious events at home for the year 2016. Jupiter placed in the first house is favorable for a great atmosphere at the domestic front for the natives. But then Rahu posited in the first house is likely to play spoilsport in the relationships with siblings. Hence be cautious in this area. Some troubles also likely with elders and children at home. A polite approach, better understanding would work wonders for you in this area for the year 2016.


The year 2016 is favorable for the educational pursuits of the Simha Rasi natives. You would be able to concentrate, focus and come out with flying colors in your academic endeavors. You would get a conducive atmosphere for pursuing your interests and studies with much hindrances. Those into administrative and financial studies would particularly feel a positive vibe around them for the period. This would also be an apt time to showcase your talents in competitive sports and exams.


For the year 2016, Simha Rasi natives into business would find the going smooth and profitable. However those into services might feel the pinch. There would be disappointments in some quarters of their professional life. Even your hard work would not pay off and there would be occasional rifts and misunderstanding with authorities and peers. Be sure that you do not over-react to the situation around. If you put in hard work with determination then there is light at the end of the tunnel. Around the year end there are some travel related to your career pursuits.


The year 2016 holds great promises as far as your financial standing is concerned, all you Simha Rasi natives out there. Some luck and fortune are on the cards. Speculative deals would give good returns. However be cautious and do not be too greedy. There would be good profits for those into business and better inflow of finances for those into services. You would be able to save much money during the year. This can be constructively channeled towards real estate or some auspicious events. In general the year 2016 promises to be much resourceful for the natives.


Health would be a mixed bag for Simha Rasi natives in 2016. Though there would not be any impact on life, occasional seasonal health issues might dampen your spirits. You are advised to keep a tab of what you eat and to lead a healthy lifestyle to ward off an unnecessary concerns on life. Saturn or Sani placed in your 4th house might bring ailments related to the limbs and stomach. Rely on low-fat and low-carb diet to come out with a cheerful and healthy you for the year ahead.


Simha Rasi natives would have a favorable environment in the love arena all through the year 2016. You would be able to express your love for the other half much intensely and passionately like never before. Marriage bells would ring for those in line of getting married. But then Saturn placed in the 4th house might cause some delays and hindrances for your love pursuits. Do not pay heed to the advise of others around you as far as relationships and love are concerned. Auspicious events are in the pipeline for the year. Marriage and birth of children in the family would bring gladness in the life for the natives for this period.

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