2016 Leo Planetary Influences


Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius would be good for Leo natives bringing reliability and stability in your relationships. Saturn would bring in the much needed maturity for you to choose the right partners in life. Saturn in 2016 would however make your work area a little stressful for the year. The first part of the year would be a little tiring with Jupiter placed in the sign of Virgo.

However its transit around middle part of the year to the house of Libra might fetch you good finances, luck and fortune in life. Uranus would be in the house of Virgo till 2018, a pretty long period though. For Leos this placement gives much energy that can be put to constructive use in education, travels, and spiritual pursuits. During the second part of the year 2016 when Jupiter moves to Virgo, you might face withdrawal symptoms, spiritual affinities and some secret affiliations. A good time to develop your intuition and perception of life.

Throughout the entire year 2016, health shouldn't be neglected. Pluto, located in Leo's house of diseases, will receive tense aspects from Uranus, and in the second part of the year from Jupiter as well. Hence stress, indulgence and addictions need to be avoided or at least cut down for your overall benefit.