For Dhanus Rasi natives, Jupiter or Guru would be placed in the 9th house of prosperity and higher studies during the first 6 months. For the next half of the year it moves to your 10th house of profession. Saturn or Sani would be posited in the 12th house. Rahu would be in the 9th house and Ketu would be in the 3rd house all through the year. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


For the year 2016, the family life would be largely average for Dhanus Rasi natives. There would be peace and harmony prevailing in the household. You would be a source of inspiration and support to your family members. Birth of a new child or conception would bring gladness in the house. You would earn the goodwill of your family members and there would be cordial relations with all. All your domestic wishes and aspirations would be met during the course of the year.


Students among Dhanus Rasi natives would find a conducive atmosphere for their studies in the year 2016. You would earn laurels and get the goodwill of elders and tutors. This would be an apt time to try for higher studies or overseas scope in education. Also competitive exams would prove successful for most of the natives. There would be a liking for a new line of studies for some, they can pursue the same in a secondary line. Those into Philosophical and Psychological studies would especially shine in their fields for the year ahead.


The year 2016 would be much favorable for those into services or business among the Dhanus Rasi natives. There would be a fruitful year ahead, provided you put in much hard work. The year would be occupied by many travels, some overseas too. In the second half of the year, you would be more passionate towards work. Pay hikes and promotions are on the cards for those in services. The business people would be able to see good gains in their ventures. Avoid making any major changes in your career field for the year.


The financial aspect would be favorable for the Dhanus Rasi natives in the year 2016. There would be good inflow of funds. All doors that have been closed now seem to open to improve your financial status. However beware of unwanted expenditure now and then. The year would reward you suitably for your hard work and commitment. Health needs to be taken care else medical expenses might bother you. In general a better financial standing is forecast for the natives for this period.


Dhanus Rasi natives should be ready for some health concerns in the year 2016 as Saturn or Sani would be placed in the evil house of 12th for the year. The first half of the year might minimize the effects thanks to the position of Jupiter. But then around the middle of the year, when Jupiter or Guru transits things will worsen in the health front for the natives. Stick to a healthy diet and rely on exercise, meditation and then the grace of God would avert any major health threats in your life for the year.


For Dhanus Rasi natives during the first half of the year Jupiter in the 9th house favors goodness in the field of love and relationship. This would be an apt time to learn and come more closer to your partner in life. Romantic trips are on the cards. Also an auspicious period to get engaged or get married. After the middle of the year, Jupiter's transit might mar goodness in the relationship. You would be too much occupied by the other things in life that relationships might get a beating. Also Ketu in the 3rd house might bring in troubles in your love area. Be cautious and better understanding and commitment shall bring your closer to your partner for the year.

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