In the year 2016, for Tula Rasi natives Jupiter or Guru would be placed in the 11th house of the chart for the first half of the year. Later on it transits to their 12th house of expenditure. Sani or Saturn would be placed in your 2nd house of finances. Rahu would be in your 11th house and Ketu would be posited in the 5th house.

These planetary placements play a major role in determining your life course for the year 2016. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


Your family front and domestic life would look good for the year 2016. You are advised to maintain good relations with siblings, parents and relatives. There would be auspicious events at home brining joy and glad tidings. Some rifts are likely with mother or father for the natives who have one. During the second half of the year there might be worries and anxieties related to children or elder members of the family. You need to lend them a shoulder to rest on in times of their needs. This would bring goodness and happiness in the family for the year.


Tula Rasi students might find the year 2016 more favorable for studies and higher education. There would be a positive vibe in this area all through the year. During the second part of the yea when Jupiter transits to your 5th house, things shall still look up for the better. Those aspiring to get into reputed universities both in the country and abroad would find the atmosphere right. But then the natives should work with determination and concentration to come out with success in their fields. Those in the technical fields would have a better say for the year ahead.


Tula Rasi natives shall find the year an excellent period to improve their professional skills. Your hard work and commitment shall bring betterment in your work place. If you are in for a change of job then this year would be the apt time. Major changes can be done in your career field for the first half of the year. During the second half of the year , work on stabilizing your position. Much travels are on the cards. Beware of doing things in a hurry as you might land in troubled waters then. A methodical and rational approach shall take you far in your professional field for the year.


In the year 2016, your finances would be much favorable. There would be a steady inflow of finances that you would be able to get rid off most of the debts and loans that have been worrying you for the past few years. The first part of the year due to the good placement of Jupiter of Guru promises an increased financial standing. For the second half of the year there would be an increased inflow of funds thanks to a new venture or project that you have started off. In general the year 2016 would prove to be resourceful for Tula Rasi natives.


Health may suffer for want of care for Tula Rasi natives in the year 2016 as Rahu is in your 11th house, which is not a good placement to reckon with. Regular check-ups and a healthy diet are advised for the natives. Also Jupiter, and Ketu add to your woes in the health front. In general the year would bring in untold sufferings for the native by way of minor ailments now and then. You need to rely on prayers and meditation to come out of this vicious circle. Also a healthy mental approach would see you in good health around the end of the year.


For Tula Rasi natives love life would be happy and pleasant all through the year of 2016. There would be general goodness in this area due to the good placement of Saturn for the natives. However natives are advised to fine tune their attitude towards relationships which would go a long way in getting them into a stable atmosphere. Ketu placed in the 5th house might bring in some health issues for partner, hence be cautious. During the second part of the year, natives are advised to be cautious in their love moves. Do not get into any unwanted troubles in this field for the year.

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