2016 Aries Planetary Influences


Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius for the year 2016 points out that the love relationships shall go on well for Aries natives. There would be no fantasy involved and a stable relationship is promised by Saturn for the whole year. In 2016 Jupiter would help you to consolidate your position in services or business. Finances would look up thanks to the benefic effects of Jupiter.

The Saturn-Jupiter trine relation will bring out your desires into reality like getting a new job, promotions and pay hike if you had put hard work for the last year. However the Jupiter trine would not bring you anything new in life. You have to stay put with what you are destined for the year. The Sagittarius Saturn might make you tired and exhausted for the year as it calls for much physical and mental efforts on your part for even routine affairs.

Throughout the year 2016, Neptune will be in your Ninth House. This means that you would be there for your family and friends in times of need. From 2016 January to April 2016 Saturn would go retrograde in your 5th house of children making it difficult for handling situations concerned with children and their future. Mars would be in your ninth house helping you to start any new venture without much hassles.

In September-October 2016 Mercury would be transiting your 7th house of marriage or business partnership. This might wreak havoc in your relationship area, questioning relations and putting you through trials. However Venus transiting the same house around the same period would try to bring harmony in your personal and professional life.