Kanni Rasi natives would have a good period in year 2017 thanks to good planetary placements. If you put in hard work then you would be rewarded amicably. Do try to get into the good books of elders at home and authorities in career. Relocation is likely for some aspiring natives and others are in for much travel. The second half of the year would be particularly favourable for you. Keep off from nit-picking into the life of those around you for a troubles-free period.


Your career field would be of mixed fortunes in year 2017. The first part of the year would give troubles and hurdles in relationship with authorities and colleagues at the work place. The second half of the year however would prove fruitful for Kanya Rasi natives in terms of their profession. You would be able to strike co-operative deals or partnership ventures. There would be success for your efforts and your sense of self-esteem would rise like never before. A good time to start a new business or look for a change of course in your career. In general the professional prospects of the natives would prove good for the period ahead.


A generally good year awaits Kanya Rasi natives as far as their financials are concerned. However the first half of the year might bring in unwanted expenditure of sorts like that related to medical expenses, outings, celebrations and the like. But then the second part of the period would help you to save some finances. The inflow of finances would be smooth then . High value purchases like real estate and luxury cars are on the anvil.


Love and marriage would prove to be of mixed nature in 2017 for Kanya Rasi natives. Relationship hitches are likely, better commitment and understanding would help you come through unharmed for the period. Domestic welfare and happiness are assured. New friends and acquaintances come in your life and would be a source of support for you in the long run. Marriage on the cards for the aspiring ones in 2017.


Travel would not prove worthy for Kanya Rasi natives during year 2017. There would be troubles and hindrances for profession-related travels. You would meet with impediments of all sorts. Also natives are advised to avoid travel related to personal matters as troubles lurks just around everywhere for you. Postpone long distant travel plans for now.


General health of Virgo natives would also not prove well in this year. Natives are advised to remain cautious about health issues. Troubles related to skin and breathing problems are likely for some. Allergic reactions might strike some of the people. A strict diet and better rest are advised for the natives.

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