2017 Virgo Planetary Influences


For Virgo natives, Jupiter would be in the house of Leo for the first half of the year 2017. There would be new beginnings and endings in your life for this season. Life would be full of adventure and some major life-changing decisions would be made during this time. Whatever you touch would turn fruitful for you in the long run.
Then in August end of the year, Jupiter would be moving into your own sign of Virgo. This would make solitude a time to refresh and evaluate your inner soul. Your spirituality reaches new heights and you would able to see life from a different perspective. There would be many avenues for study and research for Virgo natives. A new light dawns for you with this transit of Jupiter into your house. New opportunities would help you to foray into hitherto unexplored territories.

Saturn would be placed in the house of Gemini till June 2017. This would ask for much hard work and efforts on your part with equal rewards but then there would have been some uncertainty tied with your future. In June 2017 Saturn moves over to the house of Cancer. Then harmonious conditions would prevail in your life. New contacts come up for you and your competency would be acknowledged. Stardom comes naturally to you during this period.

Chiron would be in the solar fifth house for Virgo natives. This would give a sense of purpose in life through your creative pursuits. You would be faced with stumbling blocks across your path, but then you can make them into stepping stones to success. It is how you take things in your hands.

Uranus would be in the house of Aquarius till March 2017 and then moves to the house of Pisces. This would bring about goodness in your relationships for the year. Love and affection would increase and kindle betterment in your ties with partner and loved ones.

Neptune with its current position would bring about some changes in your physical self. Be alert to any signals and make healthy changes to your life for long term benefits. For some of you Neptune would help to gain a better spiritual positioning.

Pluto would get involved in your relationship with others brining you into the hot spot now and then. Learn to adapt to any changes and take it in a positive sense. You would be faced with stiff resistance, however you can turn the tables in your favor.

The eclipses of 2016 would have helped you to hone up your survival skills in life. The 2017 eclipses would be a mixed bag for you. They would be brining in some stability for you and you can work things out as you wish them to be.