Year 2017 would be a very favourable and positive period for Cancer or Kataka Rasi natives. You are advised to come out of your shell and prove your mettle to the outside world. This would be a good time to bring your talents and creativity to the fore. Love and marriage would be cordial and your finances would be stable. Health would also prove average for the natives all through the year.


The professional prospects of Kataka Rasi natives would be good for the year 2017. There would be excellence in all areas of your career. Those in business shall also prosper well. However natives are advised against taking decisions when it comes to a career-change or relocation. A promotion or pay-hike is just round the corner, hence lie low for the year ahead. Face your authorities with confidence and earn their goodwill. Those into software and consumer good-related career fields would find the going quite smooth.


The financial part of Kataka Rasi natives would be good for the year 2017. You would be able to raise your level of savings and investments during this time of your life. Some luck and fortune are on the cards for the natives. Others stand to gain from legacy or inheritance. Generally a gainful period awaits the natives. Real estate deals and buying of luxury vehicles are also likely for the natives.


The love life of Kataka Rasi natives would be good as their 7th Lord is well-placed for the year 2017. The single ones would be able to find their ideal partner and those already married would find in-depth love and commitment in their marriage or relationship. Expecting couple would be blessed with children in 2017. Some disharmony however can be expected with parents and siblings. Stick to loyal friends for love and support during this time.


Cancer natives would be blessed with gainful travels both short and long hauls. Professional travel would give you growth in your career while personal travels would give you the much wanted relaxation in life. The good placement of the 12th Lord Venus supports safe and happy travel all through the year for Kataka Rasi natives.


For the year 2017, the general health of Cancer natives would suffer a little while there would be no major impacts on life. All through the year, there would be some discomfort or the other. Issues like fever and cold might continue to play havoc with you now and then.

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