www.findyourfate.com the 2017 Annual Indian horoscope which is based on the Indian system of Astrology which is also called as Vedic astrology. The predictions are given for all the 12 Rasis or Moon signs and they help you to retune your fate in accordance with the planetary alignments in the sky.The planetary transits and vedic principles have been taken into consideration for the horoscope predictions.

Though the horoscopes is meant for the 12 Moon signs they hold good for the 12 Ascendants or the Rising signs as well. This Indian horoscope is written by experts, for all the important aspects of your life like education, love, career, family, finance and health. Have a wonderful year 2017!!!

Mesha Horoscope 2017

Mesha 2017
According to Indian astrology principles year 2017 would be a generally good period for Aries or Mesha Rasi natives. This is because your ruler Mars would be favorably posited in your natal chart for the year. more...

Rishabha Horoscope 2017

Rishabha 2017
The planets are aligned perfectly for Rishabha Rasi natives and hence the year 2017 would be a generally happy year for them. The career prospects of the natives would be great and those. more...

Mithuna Horoscope 2017

Mithuna 2017
The planets would work in favour of Mithuna Rasi natives for the year 2017. Most of the planets are aligned perfectly for you to achieve your goals through the year. All things that have been eluding you. more...

Kataka Horoscope 2017

Kataka 2017
Year 2017 would be a very favourable and positive period for Cancer or Kataka Rasi natives. You are advised to come out of your shell and prove your mettle to the outside world. more...

Simha Horoscope 2017

Simha 2017
In year 2017, Simha Rasi natives would have goodness in almost all walks of their lives. They would be blessed with good finances and new connections in life. Peace and happiness would prevail at home. more...

Kanni Horoscope 2017

Kanni 2017
Kanni Rasi natives would have a good period in year 2017 thanks to good planetary placements. If you put in hard work then you would be rewarded amicably. Do try to get into the good books of elders at home. more...

Tula Horoscope 2017

Tula 2017
The year 2017 would be just great for Tula Rasi or Libra Moon sign natives. However events would turn out in your favour only when commitment and hard work are involved. It would not be more...

Vrischikha Horoscope 2017

vrischikha 2017
Year 2017 holds good promises for Vrischikha Rasi natives. It would be a generally good period, however natives are advised to bear with high energy levels. Avoid impulsive acts and be patient. more...

Dhanus Horoscope 2017

Dhanus 2017
The year 2017 would be simply fantastic for Dhanus Rasi natives in 2017. Natives would command good health and cheer all through the period. There would be no major troubles and hitches in life. more...

Makara Horoscope 2017

Makara 2017
In general, year 2017 would be of average nature for Makara Rasi natives. New people and new connections would come your way and pave way for your development. They would be a source of strength . more...

Kumbha Horoscope 2017

Kumbha 2017
The year 2017 holds good promises for Kumbha Rasi natives. The financial standing of the natives improves much. But then there would be some strain from the professional side. Natives ought to work against more...

Meena Horoscope 2017

Meena 2017
For Meena Rasi natives, the year 2017 would be of mixed results. The first half of the year would pose serious hindrances and troubles in your life. You would meet obstacles of all sorts and need to swim more...

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