The planets are aligned perfectly for Rishabha Rasi natives and hence the year 2017 would be a generally happy year for them. The career prospects of the natives would be great and those in business shall see their ventures grow by leaps and bounds. Peace shall prevail at home. However health needs to be handled with care as also relationship issues as these areas are found to be sensitive for the period.


As the 10th Lord of profession namely, Saturn is well-placed, Rishabha Rasi natives would find their business prospects swell in 2017. Those in services would also be able to bag good returns and promotions. But then hard work and commitment would be a must for this time. Better finances shall come for you. Businesses related to legal, media and textile shall give good returns for the year. Peers however might be a sore for some of your natives.


This year is good for financial matters for Rishabha natives. There would be new avenues that improve your financial standing in society. There are possibilities of some unwanted expenses too. It will be good if you can control your expenditure during the year 2017 and instead concentrate on saving for the rainy days ahead.


Love and marriage would be more favorable for Rishabha Rasi natives during 2017. You would get the support, love and care of partner or spouse in life. However during April-May of 2017, some tense moments can be expected in the relationship front. Domestic welfare and happiness would be at stake then. For the second half of the year, there would be favorable results in the love front. Those looking for a partner would find one and those already in a relationship would tie the knot. Auspicious events bring joy and happiness in your love life. Natives are advised to communicate amicably with partners for goodness in this front for the year.


As the 12th Lord of travel namely, Mars for Taurus natives is favourably disposed for the year 2017, travel related matters would be smooth and favourable. Long distant travels are on the cards for some while some aspiring ones would set sail owing to establishing businesses or for academic reasons.


General health of Rishabha Rasi natives might take a beating in 2017 as Saturn or Sani is placed in their Ascendant house which rules over one's general well-being and health. Issues related to stomach might come in occasionally for some while others are in for some sort of injuries or the like during the course of the year. Natives are advised to stay clear of all infectious places and habits to come out healthy.

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