In general, year 2017 would be of average nature for Makara Rasi natives. New people and new connections would come your way and pave way for your development. They would be a source of strength and support for you. There would be ample opportunities for growth and prosperity in life. Your professional side would now get a new leash and so also your finances. Natives would command good health and cheer all through the year ahead.


Saturn or Sani would aid the Makara Rasi natives to climb up the corporate ladder in year 2017. New avenues of growth and development shall come for you. You would benefit a great deal from your professional growth. There would be compatible and amiable relationships with authorities and peers in your work place. However the second half of the year might bring in some impediments. Relocation likely for some natives who are aspiring for the same. If willing, natives can look for a change of job or position as the time is favourable for the same too. Some hardships are likely in your professional font around the year-end but hard work and commitment shall see you through un-harmed.


The general financial standing of Makara Rasi natives would not be that good in the year 2017. Inflow would be limited as also gains in life. There would be stagnation in your financial standing all through the year. Natives are advised not to make any investments or speculations for the time period. But then savings from the past would come as a saviour for you in this time of need.


The first half of the year would pose a huge threat for the love and marriage prospects of Makara Rasi natives. This is because of the unfavourable positioning of the planets for the natives. There would be lots of misunderstandings, temporary separations, hitches and the like. Your sense of confidence in your relationships would be at its lowest then. But then things shall look better for the second half. This would be a great time for the single ones to get married. Conjugal bliss is assured for Makara Rasi natives during this time. Childbirth or conception is also probable in the household of some natives.


Travel would be a good blessing for the natives in year 2017. Both professional and personal travels would be fruitful and satisfying for the natives. It would bring joy and lots of knowledge for you. Your approach to the outside world would change for the better after intense travelling for fun and pleasure.


Makara Rasi natives might suffer ill-health all through the year as Saturn or Sani ruling general health is placed in the house of its enemy namely, Mars. Therefore natives are advised to be strict with their health regimens. Follow a balanced diet and avoid bad habits like over-indulgence on food, drinking and smoking for a trouble-free period.

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