2018 Pisces Planetary Influences


This year, Pisces guys would able to get rid off of old and redundant attachments in life. Also they would be able to hone their creative skills and abilities supported by the planetary influences of the year. You would be able to make this period a good part of your life when you forge with the right people and connections.

This year, Jupiter helps you to expand your social circle and gives security for your personal and professional life. For the first half of the year, Jupiter would help you to develop in life with teamwork. Now your ambitions would be met easily thanks to the supporting hands around. For the second half of the year, family and its security would be your prime concern in life. A good time for renovation of your home or personal life. You may feel a little lighter now with resources being shared across relationships. However make sure that you do not off-shoot your primary concerns in life. Live for yourself too this period.

Saturn this year would bring about a sense of responsibility and discipline for Pisces natives. A good time for some academic pursuance if you are interested in the same. During the year, Saturn would help you to understand your shortcomings in life and how to overcome these.

Uranus and Neptune this year would bring about a spiritual awakening for Pisces guys. You would be able to understand some of life's deepest truths better now. Also they help you to learn that certain things or relationships are not part of your life now.

Pluto would be bringing about a total transformation for some Pisces people. You would be forced to make major career changes and lifestyle modifications this year. These would have serious positive consequences in your life through the year 2018.

The eclipses due in year 2018 would bring about some crisis in your lives. How you give and receive love in relationships would be altered or changes forever thanks to the influence of these eclipses.

A good time to choose between expressing your love or creativity to the world outside.