For Mithuna Rasi natives Saturn or Shani would be transiting the 7th house of marriage and relationships in 2018. Rahu would be in the house of Cancer your 2nd house. Jupiter would be moving after its historic transit in October to your 6th house of health and diseases. Mars stays put in your 8th house for most of the year.


Mithuna Rasi natives might encounter many ups and downs in their professional life this year. A sense of insecurity and instability might prevail on this front like never before. Natives are advised to lie low and be patient. Those in business would prosper well. A good time to start new ventures, but make sure that you do all the ground works before venturing. Though some negativity would pull you down, you can get going thanks to the planetary placements for the year. A generally overall progress is foreseen for the period. The career prospects of Mithuna Rasi natives for the year 2018 would be quite average only. You would be able to perform well and some of you would have the opportunity to pursue higher studies related to your career too. You would gain name and fame in society owing to your career performance this year. Those in business, though faced with stiff competition would come out successful. Chances of promotions and improvement in business prospects are likely after October, 2018 when Jupiter transits. Overseas links and connections would be established for some Mithuna Rasi people this year.


The financial standing of Mithuna Rasi natives would not be that good in year 2018. This is because Rahu or the Moon's north node is placed in the 2nd house of finances and this restricts inflow. There would be unwanted expenditure from all areas of your life. Be cautious of your financial status and save some money for the period ahead. Do not go in for speculative deals this year, as luck is not by your side for now. Also stay away from loans and borrowings. After the transit of Jupiter in October, 2018 some financial inflow would stem your backslide in the financial sector.


Your love life would be a mixed bag for this year, Mithuna Rasi guys. Rahu transiting the 2nd house of family and finances might bring about unhappiness and domestic turbulence at home. There might be sudden developments of misunderstandings and rifts with partner in love life. Natives are advised to act sensibly and ease tensions in the relationship. Those awaiting to tie the knot might see the light of day this year. There would be substantial growth in the love life of the single ones. You can expect better co-operation and commitment from your partner or lover this year.


Travel related to pilgrimages and holy dips is most probable for Mithua Rasi natives this year. Career or business related travel on the cards for quite some of you. The last quarter of the year would be favorable for travel related to pleasure, family and friends. But then be prepared for some financial spending too for the time.


Mithuna Rasi natives would command good health and cheer all through the year 2018. Jupiter and Saturn would prove beneficial for them with their combined aspects on the first house or Ascendant ruling the general health of the native. Mental and physical health would be fine throughout. However after the transit of Jupiter in October 2018, some unfavorable conditions can be expected in the health front. Family members might develop health issues resulting in unwanted medical expenditure that bothers you. You need to stay calm, practice good dietary habits to maintain your health.

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