For Kataka Rasi natives or those born with the Moon in the house of Cancer, Saturn or Shani would be placed in the 6th house of Sagittarius in 2018. Rahu transits your Ascendant house. Jupiter in your 4th house shall move to your 5th house in October 2018. Mars stays in the 7th house of marriage and relationships for most part of the year for Kataka natives.


The career performance of Kataka Rasi natives would be great in year 2018 thanks to the benefic aspects of Guru or Jupiter on your 10th house if career. Those in the services field would earn the goodwill of authorities in workplace. There would be cordial relationship in the work place. However business pursuits might meet with impediments. Particularly joint-ventures might meet with set-backs for now. But then financial inflow would be generally favorable for Moon in Cancer natives this year. You would be able to compete and come out successful in your professional standing. Those into academics and research works shall see good rewards this year. There would be an overall improvement in the work environs of Kataka Rasi natives. And you would be able to get into the good books of your higher-ups in career as well for now.


The financials of Kataka Rasi natives would be good all through the year 2018. You would be financially blessed with a stable flow of income. However saving and gains in life would be quite restricted this period. Inflow of money might be staggered at times. A good time of long term investment plans for the native. Some of you might buy landed property or luxury vehicles this year. With the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the 8th house gains through real estate deals is probable for Kataka natives.


The love life would be going to be just tremendous for Kataka Rasi natives in year 2018. There would be much warmth, happiness and fun in your love life. You would be getting the co-operation of your lover, partner and family members this year in terms of relationship issues. The transit of Rahu might cause some occasional hitches in your partner's life. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018, expect auspicious events in your love front.


Year 2018 is quite a good period for travelling as far as Kataka Rasi natives are concerned. The effect of Jupiter and Saturn on your 12th house makes sure that many of you go for long foreign travels. This would be also a good time to travel in lieu of higher studies and work-related moves are also favoured. Those living away from your place of birth would find the year ripe to visit your native soil. Pilgrimage is on the cards for some elderly members of this Rasi after the transit of Jupiter in October 2018.


The health prospects of Kataka Rasi natives would be on an optimum level this year. Though the position of Jupiter and Saturn help you to remain in the pink of your health, Rahu placed in the Ascendant house might cause some mental worries and anxieties. The transit of Jupiter around October 2017 would bring betterment to your mental health. Mars is amicably placed in your natal chart that you would be loaded with much energy and vitality this year.

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