For Dhanus Rasi natives, this year Saturn or Shani would be in the Ascendant house. Rahu would be in your 8th house of Cancer. Jupiter would be transiting to your 12th house of Scorpio in October. And Mars stays in your 2nd house of finances, namely Capricorn for most part of the year.


Dhanus Rasi people into business would do well in year 2018. This is due to the good effects of Jupiter and Saturn on their 7th house. Especially co-operative deals would do well. New ventures would be started in this period and you would get a dedicated team of employees to help you through. Those in services also fair well. However the transit of Jupiter in October might hinder your professional aspirations. Academic pursuits however might prove fruitful for the period. Your general performance would improve and this might result in getting name, fame and recognition around the end of the year.


Those born with the Moon in the house of Sagittarius would enter a financially stable period this year. Your budget would be under your total control. After the transit of Guru or Jupiter in October 2018, you might be able to invest in real-estate deals and jewelry. Buying of much landed property and luxury vehicles is on the cards as well in this time period. However make sure that you save some for the rainy days ahead.


The love life of Dhanus Rasi natives would be simply superb in year 2018. A sense of peace, harmony and cordiality would prevail on the love front. The transit of Jupiter would get the best co-operation of your partner in life. Auspicious events like marriage likely for some Dhanus Rasi natives around the end of the year. Your social life expands.


Travel pursuits would be quite average this year for Dhanus Rasi natives. Rahu placed in the 8th house of your natal chart indicates some chances for travels. The first half of the year would bring about travels related to work and business for the natives. The transit of Jupiter around the last quarter of the year might cause relocation for some of you. Pleasure-related travel is also probable for some.


Dhanus Rasi natives are not for good health this year. Saturn or Shani would be hindering your general health and well-being. Natives are likely to suffer from nervous and bone issues. Stick to a healthy dietary routine and pursue regular exercises to stay fit. The transit of Jupiter or Guru would make health worse for some of you. Lay low and make sure that your physical and mental well-being are satisfactory despite odds at times.

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