2018 Sagittarius Planetary Influences


Year 2018 would fill the Sagittarius natives with optimism and a sense of well-being and inspire them. You would have your hands full all through the year, with both professional and personal works coming in from all quarters. While partnership deals would bring in good results, some of you might feel the pain in your personal side unable to give it your due share.

In 2018, Jupiter would be travelling through the house of Taurus for the first half and then through Gemini for the second half. During the period you would merge yourself more to your society. While Jupiter travels through Taurus, you would see a good improvement in your general health and well-being thanks to modified health practices. You would also find ways to work amicably with those around in the work place. Then in July when Jupiter moves over to the house of Gemini, your 7th house partnership deals would prove fruitful. Those married would also find the period romantic while the single ones would be able to locate their ideal partner for life. Love and romance would be in the air during this period for Sagittarius guys.

Saturn would help you to focus more on your professional life this year. Your responsibilities increase through the year and so would be the rewards. Some of you might be able to make the switch needed this year in terms of a good career path. Health also needs utmost care for the year ahead as Saturn might play havoc with it.

The outer planets of Uranus and Neptune emphasize learning more this year. You would be drawn towards learning new subjects like occult sciences and the like. Your ideas and ideals soar to new heights thanks to the influence of these planets this year.

Pluto continues travelling in your sign this year. This brings about a total transformation in you. This is a significant period of your life with Pluto's present transits.

The solar and the lunar eclipses due in the year 2018 would bring about major changes in Sagittarius guys. Emotions, fears and trust would be emphasized when these eclipses occur. These eclipses bring about an emotional upheaval in you and would be healing you from inside out. During these times you would be able to let go off life's miseries, anxieties and worries and forge ahead in style and awe.