2018 Gemini Planetary Influences


Year 2018 would be a great year for Gemini natives with the planetary positions quite favorable for them. During the year you would be able to overcome the hurdles in your path. use them as stepping stones to leap to great heights. This year there would be development in your professional life that is tied to your ability and past experiences.

Jupiter would be in your native house from July to December this year. Since this transit of Jupiter would next happen after 12 years, make good use of the transit. The planet of expansion and material resources would help you to improve your standing in society. From February to July 2018, Jupiter would be transiting your 12th house. This helps to improve your spirituality and bring it to a new level. However at times, Jupiter might make you to impulsively overdo things. Do not make unmanageable commitments in personal and professional life. Be bold to accept and thank helps that come in due times. Live a life of grace and humility for general goodness and overall welfare with the help of Jupiter this year.

Saturn continues its position as like it has been for the past two year period, this would be restraining or restraining your ability and creativity. A good time to let go off any unwanted baggage in life and live it simple. Between August and September 2018, Saturn would be transiting your house of Gemini. Make use of this opportunity to understand the challenges you ought to face in the period ahead.

In year 2018, Pluto would be transiting your opposite house and offers enough challenges for you. This emphasizes lot of pruning and cleaning in your life. Personal relationship would feel a lot lighter and trouble-free this period.

The planets Uranus and Neptune would be travelling in your 9th house and bring you to a new level of spiritual consciousness.

The eclipses due in 2018 would have a major impact on Gemini guys. The first eclipse happening in February would bring about a sense of positivity around you and there would be ample growth in your academics and career fields. The eclipse that is due in July would help you to re-examine your values and ideals in life. The July eclipse helps you to bring to the fore a greater message to those around or depended on you. The last eclipse of 2018 in December would see you fight over inheritance or partnership deals and come out successful.