For Mesha Rasi natives, in year 2019, Saturn or Shani would be posited in their 9th house of prosperity and higher studies. Rahu or the Moon's North Node enters your 3rd house of Gemini on March 23rd. Jupiter or Guru transits to your 9th house of Sagittarius or Dhanus on March 29th. Then Jupiter goes retrograde and enters Scorpio or Vrischikha Rasi on 23rd April of 2019 and

then goes Direct on 5th November when it comes back to the house of Sagittarius or Dhanus. These planetary movements hold sway over the life of Mesha Rasi natives all through 2019. Find below the areas affected by these transits.


Mesha Rasi natives are in for an average year as far as their professional performance is concerned. Keep working hard, and commitment would help you to gain the goodwill of authorities in work place. Expect occasional crests and troughs in your professional life though. Beware of competitors and enemies lurking around.Those natives who are in the lookout for a relocation better pack your bags for now. After Saturn's transit, expect some goodness in the career front. Business also would give good returns for the passionate and venturing natives.Academics might meet with impediments during the start of the year. But after March 2019, things would turn favorable for the natives. Some of you folks who are unemployed might feel the pinch this year, as you have to face stiff competition around.


On the financial side, it would be a good time for Mesha Rasi natives. As Jupiter or Guru would be aspecting your financial house of 2nd this year, your hands would be full of resources. However do not over-spend, instead be thrifty for the time being. Some expenditure related to auspicious events at home are on the cards. Long-term investment plans come in your way these days, go ahead. This would come in handy at times of need. Mesha people are best advised to stay away from speculative deals as well for the period.


The year 2019 hold good tidings in the family front for Mesha Rasi natives. After the first quarter, your social life would reach a new level. Charity and social works would keep you busy for the year. Paternal relationships get a new meaning and you stand to gain a lot through paternal connections during the period.Children would bring name and fame for the household. They would be earning laurels in academics. Encouraging them would help them to come out still successful. They shall command good health and cheer through the year. Those aspiring ones shall see conception of a child during the course of the year. Be cautious about the health of family members when Guru or Jupiter retrogrades in 2019.


Mesha Rasi people are predicted with much travelling through the year. And most of the travel would be beneficial and gainful for the natives. Some of you though might need to travel owing to unfavorable relocation. Overseas trips that have been delayed till date would materialize through the year.


The general health of Mesha Rasi natives would be quite good for year 2019. However beware of occasional minor ailments right after the first quarter of the year. Allergies and limb ailments probable if not much care is taken. Good and healthy habits are advised for natives for general well-being. Avoid pessimism and keep yourself away from stress and strain for the period.

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