For Tula Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be in the 3rd house all through the year 2019. Then on 23rd March, Rahu or the Moon’s North node would be entering your 9th house of Gemini or Mithuna. Shortly then on the 29th, Guru or Jupiter enters your 3rd house of Sagittarius. In a month’s time, on 23rd April, Jupiter returns to Scorpio during its Retrograde cycle. Then on the 5th of November,

2019, Jupiter would again visit Sagittarius, its 3rd house when it turns Direct once again. These planetary movements affect the lives of Tula Rasi natives through the year 2019. Almost all aspects of their life would be affected. Read on for more info…


The career prospects of Tula Rasi natives looks quite good for the year 2019. The first quarter of the year promises much financial inflow. Those into business can expect good returns for the time. And the service-oriented professionals might see some transfers or relocation during the period if you have been waiting for the same. Natives are predicted to get the goodwill of authorities and peers as the year progresses. The period is also favourable for academic and research works of Tula people. Particularly those into technical works and studies stand to benefit a lot through the year 2019.


The financials of Tula Rasi folks would be very good for the year ahead. As Jupiter is strong enough, you need not worry about your financial future. There would be ample opportunity to make money and save the same. However be prepared for some expenditure related to auspicious events at home, occasional medical expenditure for elders in the family and the like. The year is very favorable for making long term investments. Also buying of real estate and luxury vehicles is favored for the period.


It would be a good period for the domestic affairs of Tula natives this year. Jupiter or Guru placed in the 2nd house brings about a whole new experience of joy, fun and laughter in your home. Maternal relationships are emphasized for the period. Your stand in the household would be assertive and everyone would be looking up-to you for strength and support.Children bring happiness to the family if there are any. Auspicious events are also on the cards. However the transit of Rahu or the Moon's node might hinder conception of a child in the family. Take extra care regarding the health of family members through the year as trouble looms around in this area of your life.


Year 2019 would be a favorable period for the travel pursuits of those born with the Moon in the house of Tula or Libra. Some folks have long distant travels on the cards. There would be trips both for pleasure and business. The middle of the year, in particular favors your travel pursuits. But then be cautious of your health and keep a tab of your finances during travel as these too might go haywire when left unattended for the period.


Tula folks would command good health through year 2019. Peace and happiness around might give you good mental and physical stamina through the year. Take good nutritious and balanced food to improve your well being for the period ahead. A generally trouble-free time on the health front is forecast for Tula people.

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