For Kumbha Rasi natives , Saturn or Shani would be traversing the 11th house of Sagittarius in year 2019.Then on the 23rd of March, the Moon’s North node also called Rahu would be transiting to your 5th house of Gemini. Around the same time, Jupiter or Guru would be moving over to your 11th house of Sagittarius to join Saturn there. Then it comes to Scorpio, once again in April-last

when it goes Retrograde. Jupiter would come back to Sagittarius as it turns Direct on 5th November, 2019 and stays there for the rest of the year ahead. These planetary movements trough the zodiac sky would have serious effects on the general life of Makara Rasi people. Read on for the effects on various aspects of their life.


Year 2019 proves to be a good year as far as the career prospects of Kumbha Rasi natives are concerned. But then do not expect a bed or roses. There would be continuous hindrances for your pursuits. There would be stiff competition from peers or colleagues in the work place as you climb up the professional ladder. Be cautious of being black-mailed or let down by friends in this regard. Jupiter transit in 2019 favors good growth for those of you into business. Much gains are on the anvil. Particularly the first half of the year is quite favourable. The transit of Rahu promises good results for your academic pursuits too. Particularly technical studies are being favored through the year ahead.


The general finances of Kumbha Rasi natives would be on a hand-to-mouth existence level only for the year 2019. Not much can be saved or pocketed through the year. But then Saturn in the 11th house of gains brings about a steady trickle. Beware of speculative deals as losses and debts loom around. There would be an yearning for improving your financial standing, but then things do not work in favour for you through the year. Some expenditure owing to auspicious events at home, buying of landed property and the like are predicted. Be cautious of your financial moves and do not bite more than you can chew for now.


There would be cordial relationships at home for Kumbha Rasi natives this year. Jupiter transit favors the same. You would get the goodwill of your family members. Auspicious events at home and birth of a child would bring joy and happiness in your domestic front. Friends and relatives from far off would be visiting you through the year. You would get the good advise of the elders in the family. However beware of children opposing you. There might be some worries related to the studies and health of children at home. Transit of Rahu in March predicts loss or ill-health of a child in the household of some Kumbha Rasi people.


Kumbha Rasi folks would find the year ahead conducive for both long and short-haul travels. The transit of Rahu in March-end would bring about relocation due to transfers or promotions for some natives. And the travel would be gainful and quite peaceful. Social works would also call for some travel on your part through the year.


Kumbha Rasi people would have mixed health fortune for the year ahead. Stay fit, be optimistic and stick to good dietary practices to stay in the pink of your health. Take long walks, think positive and stay away from too much stress and strain on the personal and professional side. Despite this, some folks among you might suffer from digestive disorders. Also be prepared to handle seasonal health issues. Prompt medical intervention would take away the pains.

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