For Kataka Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani remains in the 6th house of diseases and debts all through the year 2019. On March 23rd, Rahu or the Moons' North node transits from the 11th to the 12th house. Then following this in a week's time, on the 29th, Jupiter or Guru transits to your 6th house of Sagittarius. In a month's time, it goes back to your 5th house of Scorpio as it turns Retrograde.

Jupiter re-enters your 6th house back on 5th November, 2018 when it becomes Direct.All these planetary movements have a serious effect on the various aspects of the life of Kataka Rasi natives or those born with the Moon in the zodiac house of Cancer. Read on for more info:


Kataka Rasi natives would see major changes or shifts in their career life through the year 2019. There would be ample progress as well as all your efforts succeed. Many of you would be going on much travels owing to professional commitments. If you are looking to start a new venture then this year would be quite a favorable period for the same.Saturn or Sani in the 6th house might bring about relocation for some natives. Overseas scope probable for some Kataka Rasi natives owing to career re-direction. Particularly aspiring students succeed in competitive exams through the year. This is because Saturn is favorably posited for the same. Technical and consulting jobs would be a good bet for Kataka natives for the year. Though you might meet with impediments and stiff competition from peers and enemies you would be able to win them over thanks to your high-level of commitment and hard work.


The financial status of Kataka Rasi people would be quite satisfactory for the year, and natives are not to expect a windfall for the period. Though your inflow would be quite good, unwanted expenditure might make your budget go off-track. This year would be a good time to make some long-term investments. Particularly investing in real estate and children's future is highly emphasized. Auspicious events at home however makes a dent on your purse through the year.


There would be medium term prospects in the family area of Kataka Rasi people this year. Homely Cancer folks would not be able to spend much quality time with family though. But then there would be peace and domestic welfare at home. And you would have cordial relations with all and would be a source of inspiration for family members.As Jupiter transits to your 5th house, there is scope for conception or birth of a child in the family. Saturn or Sani in your 6th house indicates your getting the goodwill of family members. This would be a good time to prune unwanted relationships around that are quite harmful or demeaning to you. Marriage of a close family member is also on the cards through the year ahead.


This would be a year of travel for the aspiring folks of Kataka Rasi. And all travels would fetch happiness and good gains through the year. But then there would be much expenditure owing to travels related to foreign pleasure trips and pilgrimage ones. Be prepared to handle them financially.


As Kataka Rasi natives get the benefic aspects of Jupiter or Guru through the year 2019, most of the natives would command good health and cheer through the period. You would have much energy and vigour for the period. Keep working hard, get into some social or charity works to keep you busily engaged during your spare time. This would go a long way in providing you with better health, though strict dietary habits are needed.

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