For Kanya Rasi people, Saturn or Shani would be transiting the 4th house of Sagittarius or Dhanus in year 2019. Around the end of March, Rahu or the Moon's North node enters your 10th house of Gemini which rules over your professional pursuits. Around the same time, Jupiter or Guru moves over to your 4th house of Sagittarius and then to the 3rd house of Scorpio on 23rd, April once

it goes Retrograde. Then Jupiter goes Direct on 5th November, 2019 when it moves over to the house of Sagittarius your 4th house of domestic welfare/happiness once again.These planetary transits hold sway over your life for the year 2019. Read more on the effects of these planetary alignments:


Kanya Rasi people likely to face some professional difficulties for the year 2018 due to the transit of Saturn or Shani for the year. Performance would be average and pay-hikes and promotions would elude you. However do not lose hope, instead keep working with all your might. Particularly those into services likely to meet with impediments. Some of you would be relocated and others might earn the wrath of authorities for the period. But then transit of Rahu to your 10th house might bring about unexpected uprising at times.Also year 2019 is a good year for students under Kanya Rasi. Those aspiring or searching for a job would settle down in a comfortable position through the year. The second half of the year is favorable for exams and competitions. Hard work and commitment would bring you good academic and professional results in year 2019.


The general financials of Kanya people would be quite average for the year ahead. Rahu posited in the 11th house of gains would bring about some sudden money luck. Use those resources to clear off your debts and loans. Be prepared to handle unexpected medical expenditure of sorts around the year. Property deals might meet with impediments and drain you financially. Be cautious. Do not intend to make high value purrchases like luxury vehicles or real estate for the period.


The family life of Kanya Rasi natives would be quite average this year. Saturn or Shani placed in your 4th house likely to disrupt domestic welfare/happiness. Worries and anxieties might bother your spirits. Rifts and misunderstandings loom around. You need to be assertive during the period to bring situations at home under control. Health of elders and kids in the family would be a source of concern for you too. The year would be quite a favourable time period for children in the household. They would do well in academics and research works. Some expenditure related to their travel/education most likely for Kanya Rasi natives.


Kanya Rasi natives have many short distant travels on the anvil this year. There would be gains and satisfaction through the same. Some of you might need to travel owing to relocation. And some others have pilgrimage trips probable through the year. Be prepared to handle the financial burdens though.


Year 2019 seems to be not a good year for the general health and well being of Kanya natives. Medical issues related to limbs, and mental problems might surface. Do not be complacent and go for medical intervention. Meditation and constant physical activity would also give you goodness in life. Be optimistic and avoid picking on others as this might have serious repercussions on your general health.

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