For Dhanus Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani remains in the first house or Ascendant all through the year 2019. Around the end of March, the Moon’s North node also called Rahu would enter your 7th house of Gemini which stands for your marital life and partnership deals. On 29th March Jupiter or Guru would enter your 7th house of Sagittarius and would return to Scorpio on 23rd April

after turning Retrograde. On 5th November Jupiter would again enter Sagittarius when it turns Direct.


There would be mixed results in the career front for Dhanus Rasi natives in year 2019. Not a good time for relocation, transfers and starting of new ventures. Stick to established set-ups in the professional front for now. Get the advise of authorities in this area through the year. Particularly partnership deals would not work out well for the year ahead. The trust-factor might be missing in some cases. Also academic pursuits might meet with some impediments for Dhanus Rasi students for the year ahead. Unwanted events at home might dither your spirits and take you away from professional commitments. Stick to your ideals in life and put in hard work for now, as your career path is not a bed of roses for the year ahead, Dhanus.


Dhanus Rasi natives have quite an average financial period for the year 2019. Inflow of finances would trickle down, hence it would be tough for you to save some. Also beware of investments in risky instruments for the period, as you would be lured. Speculation and gambling of sorts are to be avoided to have a strong financial stand for the period.However the transit of Rahu after March-end would bring about some goodness in the financial front for Dhanus Rasi natives. Use the funds wisely to get rid off of debts and loans that have been bothering you. Also be prepared for unwanted medical expenditure for the household.


Not a good year ahead in the family life of Dhanus Rasi folks as well. There might be rifts and misunderstandings of sorts at home. A balanced and optimistic approach on your part can only mend fences through the year on the domestic front. There would be loss of domestic welfare and happiness too. The transit of Rahu in March-end of 2019 would bring about health issues at home as well. But then after the first half of the year, things shall brighten up in the domestic front. You would get the goodwill and support of spouse and other members. Children would bring name and fame for the household. However be cautious on the health front for the whole year as medical intervention lurks around for the elders in the family.


The transit of Guru or Jupiter during the first half of the year favors long distant travel for adventure, fun and pleasure for Dhanus Rasi folks. And the second half brings in work-related travels. Gains and happiness are forecast for this. However beware of the financials involved with the same.


Dhanus Rasi people would not be able to see a good year in terms of their general health and welfare. Mental worries and anxieties might take a huge toll on your mental and physical health. Chronic ailments might surface. Give extra attention to your fitness if you ought to stem over this tide of misfortune on the health front. The last quarter of the year would help you to spring back to good health and cheer if you stick to good health practices through the year.

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