For the year 2019, Saturn or Shani would be posited in the 8th house of Sagittarius or Dhanus for Rishabha Rasi natives. Then on 23rd of March, Rahu or the Moon's North node would enter your 2nd house of finances, namely, Gemini or Mithuna. Shortly, Jupiter or Guru would be entering your 8th house of Sagittarius and stays there till 23rd of April when it transits to the zodiac house of Scorpio.

Retrograde Jupiter goes Direct on 5th November of 2019 when it comes back to Sagittarius once again for a stint there. All these planetary movements would have serious effect on Rishabha Rasi natives affecting various areas of their life. Find below the effects:


Year 2019 would be very favorable for the career prospects of Rishabha Rasi folks. This is because Jupiter is transiting to your 2nd house of finances, which favors starting of new business ventures and in turn -better financials. With the transit of Jupiter in March, relocation likely for some natives which would not be of not much willingness. Lay low till the middle of the year, as confrontations with authorities and peers might land you in trouble.However academics are favored if concentration and hard work are put in. Your sense of confidence in career life improves thanks to Rahu placed in your third house. Keep working and success is yours for the asking through the year.


The financial standing of Rishabha Rasi folks would not be that good through the year 2019. You would be facing difficulties of sorts for the whole year in this sector. Unwanted expenditure might bite on your hard-earned savings. Legal matters would dampen your spirits and calls for much expenditure as well. Invest wisely as trouble lurks around for the period.Around the last week of March, when Rahu transits, expect major financial debacles in life. Losses and loans loom around, beware of lending and borrowing as you are likely to get into a maze of worries and anxieties. Be thrifty and find ways to improve the financial inflow in ethical ways.


The family life of Rishabha Rasi people would be quite normal through the year. After the first quarter of the year family ties might be affected a bit thanks to the transit of Rahu. Natives are advised to lay low, be patient and talk things over to clear the air. Misunderstandings and rifts loom around this period. However the year is quite favorable for the elders and children in the family. Children do well in studies and command good health and cheer. There are chances of auspicious events at home like marriage of a child or sibling or conception of a child in the family.


Year 2019 seems to be quite a favorable year for Taurus folks as far as travelling and vacationing is concerned. Rahu posited in your third house shows many short distant travels for fun and business. And all these travels bring gains and benefits for the native in the long run.


Jupiter or Guru's position for the year forebodes good health for Rishabha Rasi natives. There would be joy and prosperity at home. You would be physically and mentally strong through the whole season. A sense of optimism would prevail around. Natives are advised to stick to good food habits and follow a strict exercise regimen for the period. Though there would be occasional minor ailments, no major impacts on life are forecast for the period.

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