2019 Aries Planetary Influences


Aries' ruler Mars enters its own house on January 8th and would be there till February 20, 2019. During this period you would be more aggressive, courageous and assertive than ever before. Challenges that intimidated you till now, become quite easy to handle. Mercury in the fiery sign of Sagittarius would help you with academic pursuits and consolidate the same.

Then on March 2nd, Jupiter would be entering your home front. This brings around a sense of optimism and confidence for Aries guys. Many opportunities come your way, you would travel a lot, get success in legal and business ventures and would get more freedom in life.

The second half of April will be the most auspicious time for a change in career if willing, as Mercury is posited in your home. On May 23rd, Jupiter would be in trine relation (120deg) with Saturn. This would be a favorable period to enter into new business deals or signing contracts or other professional deals.

Jupiter then trines with Uranus on the 21st of June. This would bring you a bout of luck as fortune befalls you. Some of your dreams would now materialize. Those into science and research would get a good boost this time of the year. On July 6th, your Lord Mars would be entering the house of Leo. Hence for the period till August 22nd, your artistic side would come to the fore. You would be able to hog the limelight in this aspect.

Then on August 19th, Jupiter goes retrograde in your home front, around the last degree. This would bring back lost opportunities back to you. A good time to forgive and forget or make changes in your course of time. From October 8th to November 23rd of 2019, Mars enters your 7th house of marriage and partnership. Expect major shakeups in this time period in these areas. Be prepared for an exciting phase though.

The retrograding Jupiter goes into Direct mode on December 15th, 2019. Then things come back to you, all obstacles and hindrances vanish and you would be able to continue with your routine. In December Mars in Sagittarius will provide the energy to tackle what you have been fighting for long in life.

For the year 2019, Aries guys would be given the opportunity to learn more on religion, law and higher powers. Jupiter would be bringing about certain excesses in life, beware. Avoid over-indulgence and enjoy the good fortune due for you. In fact, Jupiter would bless you with some good experience for the year ahead. With Saturn retrograding in the zodiac house of Leo during the start of the year, all your plans and efforts would be blocked, delayed and hindered. Your efforts end in vain. Jupiter placed in your 6th house would bless you with wisdom and good health through the year. Natives are advised to stay away from impulsive acts and follow temperance in everything. For the year, too many planets would be transiting the water signs. This brings about relationship crisis for Aries guys . However you would be acknowledged in your professional circle. Your finances would also improve for the better.

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