2019 Gemini Planetary Influences


For the year 2019, both Saturn and Uranus would be posited in the 7th house for Gemini natives. Hence marriage and partnership deals are highlighted for the period. You would be learning some important lessons the hard way through the year. During January 2019, Mars and Venus make sure that your social life is emphasized. There would be ample parties and auspicious events at home to keep you occupied.

February highlights travel opportunities for Gemini people. Pilgrimages and trips of pleasure are most likely. But then make sure that you complete your travels before February 18th as Mercury goes retrograde then throwing your travel plans into the wind. In March, Jupiter would be entering your 11th house. Hence there would be ample gains in life, there would be gains through friends and second marriage likely for those natives who are planning for one. Retrograding Mercury goes direct on March 12th, then things straighten up a bit in your favour. The planetary positions for April favour love and romance for Gemini guys. Follow your instincts and stay away from impulsive acts. Stick to your heart's desire.

May 2019 brings about planetary alignments that help you to rest and recuperate both in personal and professional areas. During April and May 2019, Mars in Cancer promotes better communication at home. A good time for socialising as well. Your finances would also fare better these days. Mercury again goes retrograde on June 20th, 2019 putting things out of track. Partnership deals meet with dead ends, there would be financial glitches. Stick to a meager budget and lay low for the season till Mercury goes direct. For the whole of July 2019, your finances head up, however relationships might take a beating. This crisis continues till mid-August. Things slowly take their apt positions around the end of August 2019 thanks to the planetary positions then. Then September comes in with home and its affairs being highlighted. Your routine changes and you get undue freedom and independence you had been yearning for long.

October 2019 brings about your social side to the fore. Your original skills and ideas would get a good boost and stage. Then on the 16th of October , Mercury goes retrograde for the third time of the year and then suddenly things go out of hand. Particularly there might be turbulences in health and career areas. On November 6th, Mercury goes direct and this would be a great time to look for a change in job or a new diet plan or health regime.

The planetary positions for December 2019 influence the way to interact with others around, converting you into a more extrovert person like never before. The year-end promises good finances for Gemini folks as the planets are perfectly aligned for the same. Almost at the end of the year, Mercury and Jupiter from the house of Sagittarius will favour good investments and start of new ventures. Year 2019 holds much growth opportunities for Gemini natives as Jupiter would promote your professional life. Venus in Capricorn helps the Gemini singles to tie the knot and improves the family life of those married. The whole year 2019 promises good tidings in the career front for Geminis.

Jupiter in Scorpio would bring out the sensuality in you through the year. Relationships with a water sign native would be particularly fruitful. Saturn in the house of Leo would cause health issues, fears, worries and anxieties through the year though. Avoid stress and strain as they might take a huge toll on your general well being for the year.

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