2020 Gemini Planetary Influences



Year 2020 questions the priorities of Gemini natives. The period gives additional responsibilities for you guys, so do look out for good results. Your needs and desires would be segmented as the year progresses. The planets for the year guide you towards putting a strong foundation for your long term growth plans in the personal and professional fields.


From January to July 2020, Jupiter would be transiting the zodiac house of Cancer. Jupiter generally guides you in expending your material resources. This placement of Jupiter in Cancer, might bring in unwanted expenditure, be cautious and save some. Then in August 2020, Jupiter moves to the house of Leo, your house of communications. This guides you in improving your communication skills that in turn would better your performance in professional and social circles. This is a period when Jupiter helps you to travel far off and also bring your talents and skills to the fore.


Saturn would be spending the year 2020 in your sign, Gemini. Hence this would be an important milestone for you guys. Saturn changes your way you educate and discipline for the tasks at large. It brings about some clarity regarding your future. Saturn guides you towards having a closer picture of the experiences in life now. This placement of Saturn in your sign helps you to build and strengthen circumstances around. Some hard tasks would be presented to you this year, yet you would come successful.

Outer Planets

Uranus and Neptune would be travelling through the zodiac house of Aquarius this 2020. This opens up your vision and expands your area of conscious thinking. Both your spirituality and creativity are highlighted through the year, thanks to this placement. Pluto would be transiting the middle of the house of Sagittarius through year 2020. Some of your deep-seated issues would crop up now. Particularly relationship area gets a new leash.


The lunar and solar eclipses are connected with the transit of Saturn and Pluto in year 2020. This makes you quite aware of what you need in relationships. You would be tied to loyal and affectionate relationships now, and the unwanted ones get pruned off . Be prepared to handle some major life crisis around June and December of 2020 when the solar eclipses are due.

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