2019 Pisces Planetary Influences


Year 2019 promises financial empowerment for Pisces folks. You would get a pay hike, there might be some luck and fortune due for you. You would encounter success in your career and business endeavors too. January 2019 favors some financial indulgences on your part. Natives would make high-

value purchases for the month. Do not rely on friends for the period as they might ditch in the last minute. February hinders your growth prospects with Mercury going retrograde on the second half of the month. Wait until Mercury goes direct in March to start anything anew. And March 2019 makes you quite impulsive in the career front. This might result in a job loss or a relocation for some impatient folks.

Then expect some relationship crisis in April. Do not act hastily but heed to the talks of your partner for now. May brings new passions and partners into your fold. A good time to pick up a good hobby that gives you mental and physical satisfaction. June brings with it its own dose of family issues and troubles. Handle relationships with care as trouble lurks around. Then work and business becomes your forte for July. Major decisions ought to be taken around the middle of July in the home-front. Then August 2019 brings about new co-operative deals with partners. Some auspicious events are also foreseen around the end of the month. September would be a favorable time for the aspiring Pisces folks to get married. Others might settle down for a new partnership deal. October brings in its woes of financial hardships. Be noted that this too shall pass.

And then November favors the planning of a great adventure trip for Pisces guys. Visit to holy places and places of interest on the cards. December brings you into the limeight with your professional aspirations at the peak. Uranus in your home ground will guide you to prune relationships, cutting off unwanted ties and forging new positive ones in year 2019. Though this might bring some pain, you would get your much wanted freedom through the year , thanks to Uranus.

And your house Lord Jupiter would help boost your inner spirits for the period. It would help you to excel in your profession or business. However be prepared for some internal conflicts. Saturn in Leo for 2019 would help you to overcome trials and obstacles in life. Though Pisces natives are known to abandon projects when they meet with hindrances, Saturn in Leo would give you the guts and impetus to stay through the end of your ventures un-fazed. The financial standing of Pisces guys would also stabilize through the year thanks to the planetary placements for the period.

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