2020 Pisces Planetary Influences



During the year 2020, Pisces guys would see a major transformation of their life path. You would be laying a new foundation for a great life ahead thanks to the planetary influences for the year. New friends, acquaintances come into your fold these days. You would garner the power and grit to get rid of unwanted relationships and things from life.


Jupiter transits the zodiac house of Cancer till July 2020 starting from the year. Your artistic pursuits get much acclaim thanks to this position of Jupiter. Your love for partner/spouse or other important relationships now blooms full. This period would help you excel in life like never before, more on a personal level. Then in August, Jupiter moves over to the house of Leo. This would be your career sector. Hence your profession gets greatly enhanced. You would be full of responsibilities, but do not over do anything. Take care of your physical and mental health as well as stress and strain might take a toll out of you.


Saturn’s position this year would question the level of security in your life. There would be a great difference in the life you wanted and that which you are pursuing now. Do stay within your budget, as Saturn might ask you for indulgence. This might land you in serious troubles. Frustrating financial issues likely for some Pisces natives through the year. Do not yield to the financial whims of family members this period. It night over-burden you.

Outer Planets

The outer planets Uranus and Neptune enforce you over the goals and ideals you have about your future course of life. You need to rekindle them and work towards the same. Else you would be standing in the same spot as the past few years. You would be going nowhere. Pluto emphasizes your true calling in life these days. You would open up your eyes and mind towards the same, thanks to Pluto’s present station.


The lunar and solar eclipses of year 2020 asks Pisces natives to have a good divide over personal and professional life. You have to draw a clear line here. Better communication with your peers and near ones would be the key to survival during the eclipse time. Some natives would be breaking the shackles against old traditions and beliefs. Your role in the family environment changes due to the eclipse energies, but make sure that you set your priorities right.

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